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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying A New TV

It is not every day that we buy a new TV. We only buy a TV when the old one stops working or the model is outdated. Televisions are one of our main sources of entertainment at home. Whether it is relaxing and watching a movie or staying updated with the daily news, TV is a must-have home appliance. When you are in the market for buying a new TV, you will find a wide range of products in the LED TV price list. Picking the right TV according to your preferences might be a challenging task. That’s where a few TV buying mistakes to avoid can help you out. So, to avoid making a wrong decision, here are some tips for you buying a new TV.

Pick the Right Size

Size plays a huge role while buying a new TV. You absolutely cannot risk choosing a TV that is either too big or too small for your living room. Imagine having a huge TV staring into your face in a small space is overkill. Similarly, imagine a small TV screen in a large space. It is a definite put off. The size of the TV you pick should match with the space and the distance from where you will be viewing. The general rule to calculate the TV screen size is by measuring the distance between the TV screen and your sitting position in inches and dividing it by 1.5. The result that you derive should be the ideal TV screen size for you to choose from.

Spending On Unwanted Features

There are televisions under 10000 and then there are televisions above 90000. Have you ever thought what’s the difference? Well, apart from the screen size, it is the features that are the reason for the rise in prices. Some TVs can offer 3D viewing while some can offer the 4K resolution. Some can connect to the internet to stream online content and some come with curved displays. Ask yourself, do you absolutely need it all? If some of these features are of no use to you, then avoid them no matter how tempting they might seem. It is one of the most important TV buying mistakes to avoid.

Forgetting the Sound System

Most TVs are not equipped with a great sound system. While the inbuilt speakers are sufficient for a small space, they don’t do so well in a large space. Sony LED TV price list has some of the best televisions in terms of sound. Nevertheless, if you have a large space, chances are that you are going to opt for a big TV screen. Along with this, it is also better to pick a sound system that will boost your TV viewing experience taking your entertainment to the next level.

Not Thinking Ahead

Buying a TV is a long-term investment. So, if you are planning to pick a simple model that will not burn too many holes in your pocket, we will advise you to reconsider your decision. Technology is ever-evolving, so if you are going to pick the most basic model, chances are that it going to be outdated within a few years. Instead, you can opt for a model that will easily last for the next few years without the need for replacement.

Confusing LED and OLED

While these two might sound the same, the similarity ends here. Both these technologies are totally different from each other. LED short for light-emitting diode uses these diodes to backlight the display. LED TVs come in three types known as direct-lit, edge-lit and full array. The backlight on these TVs makes the pictures on the screen look very bright and vivid. These TVs look good in a bright and well-lit room.

On the other hand, OLED short for organic light-emitting diode display pictures without the help of a backlight. Each and every pixel in an OLED TV is self-illuminating. This makes these TVs extremely thin and flexible. Moreover, these TVs are a perfect match for dull and darkened rooms as they produce deep, inky black contrast. Confusing these two is probably one of the biggest TV buying mistakes to avoid.