5 Most Mysterious Places On The Earth

The earth is a big place, so it’s no surprise that occasionally there are some strange places that people come across. In this list, we will countdown five mysterious places on the earth.

1. The Superstition Mountains In Phoenix Arizona

The Superstition Mountains In Phoenix Arizona

According to legend, in the 1800’s, there was a man named Jacob Waltz and he discovered a gold mine in the mountains. It was later given the name as the Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine. He didn’t tell anyone about the location as a secret until his death. Regardless, there has not been a single trace of mine there in spite of many expeditions. Some people say that the spirits of people who lost their lives are still present there and haunt the mountains. One reportedly Native American legend says that the treasures of the mountain are guarded by creatures known as the little people. They live below the mountains in caves and tunnels, some Apaches believe that the entrance to the mysterious hell was located in the mountains.

2. The Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle is an area of about few square miles within south-eastern Massachusetts, in the United States. The area is said to be having many crypto-zoological sightings there. Since the 1970s, there have been several reports of creepy creatures seen by the locals. There have also been numerous sightings of Thunderbird like creatures seen fighting in mid-air. In 1970, there was of a man who saw a giant ghostly dog having blood in its eyes, killing two ponies. The Bigfoot sightings are usually witnessed near Hockomock swamp, a man claimed that he saw half-man and half-ape creature in the woods in 1978. Another local resident also claimed that he saw a large hairy beast in the swamp while canoeing. According to a story, the Native Americans lived there centuries ago and were treated very badly from the colonial settlers, so they cursed the mysterious land.

3. The South Atlantic Anomaly

The South Atlantic Anomaly

The South Atlantic Anomaly, which is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of space is the area where there is a huge amount of radiation and this area is the closest to the Earth’s surface. It’s responsible for numerous problems with satellites and space crafts. From messing up with the functionality of the programs to actually shutting down their function, the Hubble telescope is turned off every time when it passes through the anomaly. The International Space Station avoids scheduled spacewalks when passing through it. The cause of all these problems isn’t fully understood by the scientists, but the main suspect is the high levels of radiation that accumulate at the anomaly but scientists aren’t sure about it.

4. The Vanishing village

The Vanishing village

In November 1930, a man named Joe LaBelle was looking for shelter for the night. He was familiar with the in-unit village, whose population ranges from 30 to 1000 depending on who you believe. This became known as the vanishing village of Anjikuni lake. He made his way there and found an eerie scene. The villagers were nowhere to be found and everything else including food and rifles had been left behind. Joe Telegraph the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and an investigation began. In the village burial ground, it was discovered that at least one grave had been opened clearly not by animals and were emptied. Furthermore, about 300 feet from the village, the bodies of around 7 dogs were found. They were starved to death despite open stores of food at the mysterious village. Some stories even reported that strange lights have been witnessed. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s own website claims that there is no truth in that story. But with so many versions floating around from so many years ago, it is hard to be certain.

5. San Luis Valley In Southern Colorado

San Luis Valley In Southern Colorado

It is an area high in inexplicable phenomena including UFO sightings and hundreds of unexplained farm animal mutations. UFO sightings are so common that a woman named Judy has even set up a UFO Watch tower on her own property which has witnessed over 50 UFO sightings since 2000 alone. Some of these are observed by dozens of people at a time. For the UFO skeptics out there, far more chilling are the tales of animal mutations from the region. They began in the year 1967, when a horse named Snippy became the target of mysterious mutation. One morning, Snippy was found with her brain missing and the bones of her neck was brutally destroyed. Since then, there have been hundreds of unexplained animal mutations cases occurred in the region. There was one thing common in these mutations, no trace of blood ever found on the dead bodies which is very strange and all of the mutations happened overnight. Healthy investigations into the incidents haven’t yielded any results yet. Farmers have seen lights coming from the sky and believe that extraterrestrials are involved in this. This is one the most strange things one can ever encounter.