5 Photos Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter Wants To Keep Hidden


Maybe this picture was just captured at the wrong moment but it seriously looks like Duane is about to choke his wife. Judging by the look on her face, she wasn’t really comfortable at that moment at all. Maybe he was trying to hug her for the picture and she didn’t really have the time to adjust her pose before the picture was snapped, but it definitely looks awkward. Was he trying to smile? Or was she trying to say something like “Please, let me go”? Who knows? Maybe she actually enjoyed this but Duane still probably wouldn’t want many people to see this photo simply because it makes one ask too many questions. Also, if the first thing you think about when you see this picture is choking, that is a pretty good clue that it’s not a good picture to be posted online.


Here is a really good photo of Beth. She has lost a lot of weight, she is dressed nicely, the hair looks good, and everything seems to be in the right place. Well, except for Duane. When you look at him standing next to Beth who looks great, he just seems kind of washed out. He looks a lot older than her, his hairstyle is pretty terrible (as usual), and he didn’t shave so he looks like he spent a couple of nights in jail. This is definitely not one of his best pictures, especially since Beth looks so much steamier and younger than him. Also, doesn’t that shirt look kind of tight around his round belly? He has been slowly gaining weight while Beth went in the opposite direction.


There have been many speculations about Beth Chapman undergoing a variety of plastic surgeries, some of them true, some of them pure fiction. People are still not sure what exactly happened to Beth’s face since it changed a lot over the years. Some think she has had a couple of little procedures done, while the others blame the weight gain. Maybe it was a little bit of both, who knows? However, she admitted to having her belly tucked because she had a lot of loose skin and scarring after her 4 C-sections. She noticed her shirt was unbuttoned during one of the episodes she filmed with Duane and she didn’t like what she saw, but the doctors told her that diet and exercise wouldn’t fix that particular problem and they took care of it surgically.


My oh my! Look at Beth in this picture! She looks more beautiful than ever. She has lost a lot of weight and she’s rocking her new look. However, that is both good and bad news for Duane. The good part is his wife is getting more beautiful as time goes on, but the bad news is he is not. On the contrary, he has started gaining some weight and the age really starts to show both on his face and his body. That might not be such a big deal before, but now, when his wife is as bangin’ as she is, he should probably start thinking about doing something about that. Beth has always had a lot of fans among the male population so it wouldn’t be too hard for her to trade him in for a newer model.


This is obviously not a picture of Beth, but it is a picture of someone who wanted to look like Beth. If you don’t know how to dress up for the next Halloween, here is one possibility to go with since you can actually buy this costume at the store. So why wouldn’t Dog the Bounty Hunter want you to see this picture? Well, for starters, imagine hundreds of women walking around dressed as your wife. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Also, the problem with this picture is the fact that the woman in the photo is slightly steamier than his wife, except for the hair. The wig that this woman is wearing could actually make Duane feel a little bit better about his terrible haircut.