5 Products to Keep Your Skin Hair-Free, Painlessly

5 Products to Keep Your Skin Hair-Free, Painlessly

Don't know how to remove unwanted body hair in all the wrong areas this lockdown period?

Below are some of the common ways to remove body hair and a couple of items to removing hair without pain at home.


If you need a massive chunk of hair removed in your body, all in one go, waxing is the process. The great thing about waxing, and why it's one of the most common procedures to do when removing body hair, is it removes all the hair in an area-every last one.

Aside from that, the hair doesn't grow faster than the other methods mentioned below.

However, the downside for this is that it's excruciating. Sensitive skin and doing this to sensitive areas shouldn't even be considered.


The least painful method of having your hair removed is by shaving it. It's easy, it's cheap, and items you need are readily available where you are. You can find disposable or reusable razors in the supermarket or the drugstore.

If you see unwanted hair, just shave it off. You can even shave every day if you want to.

However, there's a downside to shaving. This includes ingrown hair and razor burn.


If shaving is an easy and affordable task, then you must also try sugaring, which only includes three ingredients - lemon, water, and sugar.

It's an all-natural process similar to waxing, but it is better and doesn't hurt much.

A lot of people who have sensitive skin will choose sugaring instead of the usual waxing.


Though it is time-consuming, plucking the hair can last a bit longer than shaving. Only pluck the hair in one direction to minimize skin irritation.

But if you want something permanent, you can try laser hair removal.


Using the laser will target the hair follicles and feel like you're being snapped with a rubber band.

Depending on the part of the body that needs to be lasered, the procedure will feel painful to some degree.

The only con of this method is that it's extremely expensive. A minimum of six different laser procedures should be done for it to work. If you stop in the middle of it, the hair will grow back, and it's all just a waste of money.

5 Products to Keep Your Skin Hair-Free, Painlessly

This reliable tool eliminates unwanted hair in your face, armpit, legs, and even the bikini line so you don't have to worry looking all furry in your next beach trip.

It is safe, efficient and painless and removes hair down to its roots to make sure the regrowth is not coarse and uneven that could eventually lead to irritation. Its built-in LED light allows you to cover all the nooks in your body, making sure you don't miss any hair left unshaved.

5 Products to Keep Your Skin Hair-Free, Painlessly

This painless hair removal razor goes gentle on your skin, making sure your it is safe on your daily shaving routine. This is designed especially with the face in mind, making sure that it does not pull too harshly or irritate the skin upon constant use.

What's wonderful about this is that it is so conveniently small that it fits in your purse or travel kits, so you can remove unwanted hair whenever and wherever you may be.

5 Products to Keep Your Skin Hair-Free, Painlessly

Gilette has been producing reliable body care products for so long already, its already a must have in your bathroom cabinet.

Much so for this shaving gel, as it makes sure your shaving goes on smoothly and well-treated after whether on your legs, underarms or upper lips. It makes sure your glide goes on smoothly while providing protecting your skin against nicks and cuts.

You can also complement this with their Gilette Venus razor to get that optimum effect.

5 Products to Keep Your Skin Hair-Free, Painlessly

Guaranteed to permanently remove unwanted hair, IMENE laser hair removal features the newest technology applied to smooth and hairless skin.

This device uses 500,000 flashes in two flash modes that is enough for 9 to 11 individual's whole body hair removal.

It's ergonomic design and non-removable flash allows a more precise shaving sessions, while it assures that the ice-cooling function gives you a fresh and rejuvenated skin after shaving.

5 Products to Keep Your Skin Hair-Free, Painlessly

A popular brand in the hair removal world and it deserves so! It effectively removes hair in less than five minutes, as it leaves your skin smooth, fresh and moisturized with the help of aloe vera and Vitamin E.

It is dermatologically tested to suit constant use, without the fear of irritation, stubble, dry skin, cuts and bumps.