5 Rules Kim Jong-Un Makes His Wife Follow

5. She's Specifically Ignored By The Press

The times that we’ve gotten the chance to see Ri Sol-ju, it’s always been as an afterthought. The press in North Korea (which is state-controlled to skew facts and events in favor of the dictatorship) have often looked past Ri Sol-ju completely, never letting the spotlight fade from their great leader. It seems as if she’s treated more like a prop than an actual person, oftentimes being pushed out of frame or obscured by the crowd of people that accompany Kim Jong-un whenever he goes out in public. It’s strange to consider that level of security and restraint, especially from a Western perspective that is about to turn another Royal Wedding into an international event. But her press has never given Ri Sol-ju any attention, even taking years to announce their marriage.

4. She Is Barred From Leaving North Korea

Obviously, Ri Sol-ju had a life before she became the wife to one of the most talked about men in the world. But it seems like she was actually a bit more adventurous than she gets to be now. Stories from sources around the world have indicated that Ri Sol-ju actually has left the country a few times before she was ever married to the dictator. It’s been reported that she studied abroad in China for a period of time, and even once visited the neighboring nation of South Korea once as a cheerleader (seriously where’s that Bring It On sequel?). But since becoming the first Lady of the Hermit Nation, Ri Sol-ju hasn’t gotten the chance to leave the country and see any other part of the world for almost a full decade.

3. She Was Forced To Have Babies Until She Had A Son

In a move that sounds practically medieval, Ri Sol-ju has become forced to commit completely and thoroughly to giving her husband a male heir. The pair were married in 2009, and reports of their first child being born were made as early as 2010. But since then, Ri Sol-ju has had two other children. But reports hold that her first two (both girls) weren’t found to be satisfactory for the leader. With the reports that their third child is a boy, hopefully, some of the pressure will be lifted off of Ri Sol-ju. Not nearly all of it, but at least some. None of the children have been seen outside of the palace, and even only a few pictures of Ri Sol-ju being pregnant have surfaced online. Even their long-awaited son has only been hinted out in leaked pictures.

2. She Has Been Given Less Freedom The Longer She's Been There

Ri Sol-ju married Kim Jong-un almost ten years ago, and in that time, her apparent influence and position within North Korea have continued to diminish. When she was first seen by the public, she stood out against many of the other women in North Korea. Little bits of style here and there, with a willingness to go against the cultural norm in terms of fashion and style. But as the years have gone on and the times she’s been seen in public have diminished, it seems that much of her freedoms have evaporated too. She’s been seen more often adhering to Kim’s choices in terms of clothing, and those flashes of uniqueness have disappeared. It’s a terrifying rule to consider her living under, especially as she tried to raise her children in an increasingly uncertain world.

1. She Was Forced To Watch A Mickey Mouse Concert

Despite over fifty years of extended tension with the United States of America, the ruling class of North Korea has always had an obsession with western culture and entertainment. That extends to Disney movies because apparently, Jiminy Cricket surpasses hate. But even stranger, North Korea has put on tribute shows in the past in a... let’s just say underwhelming manner. But these are the kind of events that Ri Sol-ju has been spotted at. It’s such a strange thing to make a state visit, and even stranger to force the First Lady to come to that one of all events. This is pretty bizarre and difficult to wrap one's head around, even for North Korea.