5 Signs She’ll Be Hot In The Sack


Well, not all three at the same time! But what you drink says a lot about your personality. Beer drinkers are very different from wine drinkers. And when you get to the hard stuff, what a girl chooses speaks volumes about what she’s going to be like in the sack. Vodka drinkers are usually independent and adventurous. Especially when they’ve had a few. And adventurous in bed is a very good thing. And what about tequila drinkers? Well, we are here to tell you that they are, according to, “free spirited, outgoing and fun to be around.” If she drinks her tequila straight, look out. She’s going to party hard. Just make certain she doesn’t pass out before the fun begins. And if she drinks rum? It’s good news again, because rum drinkers are impulsive. They just do it.


What on earth has confidence got to do with being good in bed? Well if she is confident, she probably has very high self-esteem. And that confidence and positive attitude will almost certainly make her a good lover who isn’t afraid to try new things. She won’t be all shy and bashful when you are doing the deed. In the run up to taking her home, you can make it even better. How? You should compliment her. Saying things like”Wow, you are so pretty” or “You look great in that dress” will make her already healthy confidence even healthier. And that is going to mean she will be likely to do the deed with a lusty and “up for anything” attitude. Jessica O’Reilly wrote a book called Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks. Yes, it’s a guide on how to do it. She says that compliments are likely to make your date a rockstar between the sheets.


So it’s a good thing if she’s a slow eater? We’ll go back to the O’Reilly book. She says that eating and doing it are “both primal and sensual experiences.” That means that if a chick wolfs down her burger, she’s probably going to be a wham bam kind of a babe in the sack. It’ll be over before you know what happened. The babe who eats slowly and savors the flavors of her food, is likely to be into carnal pleasures. It’ll go on for a long time then? Probably. She’ll almost certainly want to take her time, explore and enjoy. And that has to be a good thing for you. See, Dr. Jess is an expert, a s*xologist, who advises people on relationships and how to drive one another mad in bed. So after you’ve bought her a drink, ordered dinner, pray that she’s a really, really slow eater.


After dinner, go for an ice cream. What she chooses will tell you lots about her personality. According to Reader’s Digest, if she orders strawberry ice cream, you should get worried. Same for rainbow sherbet. Strawberry lovers are introverts and rainbow sherbet girls are negative and pessimistic. It gets a little better with chocolate ice cream. Girls who lick the dark stuff are often “flirtatious and seductive”. But the jackpot of all ice creams is coffee ice cream. They are “lively and dramatic and approach life with gusto.” It gets even better: They totally live in the “passion of the moment”. They throw caution to the wind and go wild. And that has to be a good thing when you are at it. If she chooses coffee ice cream, get ready for a wild ride.


It goes without saying that athletes are often great in bed. Why? Well, playing sports gives you confidence. An athlete knows their body and what it can do. Plus, they are used to performing and getting results. And all of that is totally wonderful when you are doing the deed. There’s more good news: an in-shape babe is going to have staying power and mind-blowing endurance. So, she’ll go on forever? Something like that. And lets not forget coordination and flexibility. You’ll be getting into some wild positions with the athletic chick. “Physical endurance, coordination, flexibility and strength can come in handy when you’re hanging off the chandelier or getting creative in tight spaces”, says Dr. Jess. Whoa. Hanging off a chandelier? Together or what?