5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

Hello everyone, I am QSY, two years, I removed nearly 300 air conditioners, in order to study which air conditioners are more worth buying.

The content of this article will be a bit ahead of its time, and some people may think I'm wrong, feeling that this is not the case, as well as certain models are quite cost effective.

In 2022, affected by the rising cost of raw materials and logistics, air conditioning prices are generally about 50% higher than in 2020. As far as I understand, the older models that are more cost-effective on the market have been discontinued, and only a small amount of stock is on sale and not available at any time.

So for today's content, let's put aside the old models that are not available at any time and just talk about the general situation of home air conditioners in 2022.

Before 2022, more than two thousand and more than three thousand air conditioners hanging, the configuration difference is not much, are double-row condenser with electronic expansion valve, the difference is mainly the inboard experience, more than three thousand models air supply function more, but overall, two to three thousand air conditioners difference is not much, so many times someone asked me to recommend, I said to buy cheap Hualing on the good.

However, in 2022, the cost of air conditioning components across the board. In the cost composition of air conditioning, compressors, condensers, electronic valves, four-way valves, electronic control chips, etc., which account for a high proportion of the cost of these components are in the air conditioning outdoor unit. Therefore, in 2022, the outdoor unit of air conditioner will start to pull away from the grade, and the new 1.5 horsepower 1.5 energy-efficient hanging machine of more than 2,000 will be generally reduced from double-row condenser to single-row condenser, and the compressor displacement will be reduced, and the refrigerant charge will also be reduced.

2022 1.5 hp air conditioning configuration.

  • 2000 ~ 3000 yuan price point: external machine for domestic compressor, single row or 1.6 row condenser, internal machine for the ordinary outlet.
  • 3000~4000 yuan price point: external machine with domestic compressor, double-row condenser, and internal machine with wide range of airflow (Kanda airflow, windless air conditioning, large size motion air guide, or similar technology).
  • 4000 ~ 5000 yuan price point: the external machine for the Japanese or Korean brand compressor, double-row condenser, the internal machine for a wide range of airflow, the internal machine is more quiet, or better heating, or with a clean smell and other features.

5000 price point air conditioning hangers, sales of larger brands are: Gree, Casady, the United States, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Daikin, Panasonic, etc..

Not recommended air conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric BX is the lowest price within the brand, the largest sales model, but the BX uses KNB073FCDMC 7.3cc single rotor compressor, 1 hp performance, typical small horse-drawn car, the motor is 20w Wolong AC, so are not full DC inverter air conditioner, the internal evaporator is a double row of 24 copper tubes, 8 less than Mitsubishi Electric ordinary 32 copper tube evaporator.

Mitsubishi Electric BX inside the machine also has no function, sales are large because it is the cheapest model of Mitsubishi Electric, selling the brand belief.

Mitsubishi Electric 6000 yuan or more models are better, such as ZFJ, AHJ, KY, etc., are very good models, but within 5000 yuan Mitsubishi Electric is not competitive.


GREE is the largest brand of air conditioning sales of 4000 ~ 5000 yuan, before GREE in this price range, the main push "Run" series, the main cool external machine + sports large air guide. But now GREE four to five thousand models, external machine configuration and three thousand dollars of the same Yunjia, no cool external machine.

5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

GREE now four or five thousand dollars price point models, including Yunpei, Yunxuan, Jingmu, etc., just to buy a large air guide, as well as ultraviolet bacteria removal function, these features do not cost much, I used to buy 3500 yuan Jingzhi on the movement of large air guide, now four or five thousand to buy GREE is not worth it.

Configuration Comparison

Budget 5000 yuan price range of air conditioners, the focus can be concerned about these air conditioners

  • Fujitsu Nocturne T: ASQG12KTCA (Preferred)
  • Daikin E-MAX 7: ATXS236WC (second choice)
  • Samsung Mufeng: AR12TSFAAWKNSC (second choice)
  • Mitsubishi Electric RY: not recommended, because disassembled, only involved in the comparison


The air conditioner itself does not cool or heat, but relies on refrigerant to carry heat. The greater the flow of circulating refrigerant, the stronger the performance of the air conditioner. The compressor is called the "heart" of the air conditioner, which compresses the low-temperature low-pressure gaseous refrigerant into high-temperature liquid refrigerant, and provides the circulation power of the refrigerant in hundreds of meters of pipes.

Compressor performance to look at the displacement of the second look at the number of revolutions, displacement of high rpm compressor performance is stronger. 1.5 hp air conditioners are mostly single rotor compressor, exhaust volume between 8.9cc ~ 10.8cc, the highest rpm in the range of 100Hz ~ 120Hz, the performance gap is not obvious. Only a few flagship air conditioners, the 2 horsepower dual-rotor compressor downgraded when 1.5 horsepower use, this air conditioner performance is very strong.

5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

These four air conditioners, Fujitsu Nokoli T using LG 9.2cc compressor, Daikin E-MAX 7 using its own 9.2cc compressor, the two compressors are about the same, Samsung Mu Feng 9.0cc compressor is also acceptable.

But Mitsubishi Electric RY, using only 7.3cc displacement 1 horsepower performance compressor, small horse-drawn car, which is not reliable, the price of 5799 yuan is not low.

Objectively speaking, Mitsubishi Electric RY in addition to the compressor, other configurations are very good, 7.3cc displacement compression used in not more than 15 flat bedroom is also completely adequate, if you prefer Mitsubishi Electric, want to buy RY I will not stop, but I do not recommend.

2、Heat exchange capacity of external machine

The heat exchange capacity of the external unit of the air conditioner, a look at the condenser area, the second look at the fan motor power.

5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

Condenser: These four air conditioners, in addition to the three models of Daikin, the outdoor condenser is 2 rows of 12 groups of 48 copper tubes, Daikin is 2.6 rows, but limited by the size of the external machine is small, the actual heat transfer area and the other three models are similar.

5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

External fan motor: 1.5 horse more than the use of 30w DC motor, Daikin 43w and Mitsubishi Electric 55w belong to the power is relatively large.

3、Electronic expansion valve and four-way valve

The air conditioner refrigerant flow is controlled by various valves, including throttle valve, four-way valve, three-way valve, high-pressure valve, low-pressure valve, etc. The cost of these valves is not low, and they are also very important to the stability of air conditioner operation.

5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

Fujitsu and Daikin both use Japanese Fuyuki electronic expansion valves, and both use stainless steel four-way valves.

  • Electronic expansion valve: domestic three flowers electronic expansion valve in the world's largest market share, good quality reputation, but Japan's Fuyuki machine and Heron Palace cost more.
  • Four-way valve: stainless steel four-way valve although the material cost is low, but the processing is difficult, stainless steel than copper insulation better, the use of stainless steel four-way valve can improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning. In my demolition of air conditioning brands, Fujitsu and Daikin full-line models are stainless steel four-way valve, Panasonic flagship models also use stainless steel four-way valve.

4、Inner evaporator

5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

  • Domestic 1.5 horsepower class 3 universal: 2 rows of 24 7mm copper tubes
  • Domestic 1.5 horsepower level 1 universal: 2 rows of 30 7mm copper tubes
  • Domestic 1.5 horsepower 1 class high-end: 2 rows of 32 7mm copper tubes

Mitsubishi Electric RY evaporator belongs to the conventional level, Samsung Mu Feng perhaps because of the three-stage energy efficiency reason, the extraction of 1 group of copper tubes.

Fujitsu and Daikin both use 5mm fine copper tube high density design, heat exchange capacity per unit area is stronger, especially Fujitsu Nokoli T, crazy to use three rows of copper tubes, but also with two sets of sub-heat exchanger, heat transfer capacity is comparable to large 2 horsepower. High-density thin tube evaporator requires higher welding technology, mostly used in high-end air conditioning indoor units.

According to my dismantling observation, only Fujitsu and Daikin currently use fine tube high-density evaporator, these two brands are also wholly owned by Japanese enterprises, while Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Samsung, etc. are joint ventures.

5、Fan motor of internal machine

5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

    Domestic air conditioners, more than the use of 13w ~ 20w motor, cross-flow fan diameter more than 90 ~ 98mm. these four air conditioning motor power are relatively large, Daikin although not marked power, but the airflow effect from the Kanda performance, should also be more than 30w motor.

    The core function of an air conditioner's internal unit is to deliver air. A large motor and a large cross-flow fan have two benefits.

    5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

    First, the air supply distance is far, especially in the heating, hot air can be sent to the ground. Second, the wind pressure is large, can reduce the air conditioning top air inlet reserved space.

    6、Configuration comparison table

    5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

    Air conditioner recommendation

    Norcoley T 1.5 HP new secondary "preferred

    Nokoli is the high-end series of Fujitsu air conditioners, and Nokoli T is the same model sold in Fujitsu Japan, which is called "Nokoli C" on Fujitsu's official website in Japan. Released in 2016, Nokoli T is the earliest R32 refrigerant air conditioner and won the Good Design Award for its compact and delicate design.

    The appearance of small and delicate: Nokoli T is the smallest size of all domestic air conditioner hanging machine, the width is only 726mm (Daikin minimum 770mm, Panasonic minimum 780mm, domestic general 900mm), the height is only 250mm. although the size looks small, but Nokoli T is the Japanese thick internal machine, the depth is as high as 285mm (domestic more than 190~210mm).

    The size of the air inlet of Nokolik T is up to 250mm, plus the large 42w motor provides large air pressure, and can be installed close to the roof, only 5cm from the roof height reserved (difficult to install close to the roof, domestic installation usually reserved ≥ 10cm).

    5000 1.5 HP air conditioner which one is worth recommending Gree Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Fujitsu or Panasonic

    Outstanding performance of the internal machine: Nokoli T external machine configuration is not outstanding, but the internal machine performance is strong, using three rows and a half high-density thin copper tube evaporator, the heat transfer capacity is comparable to 2 hp hanging machine. 42w large motor produces a large wind pressure, with the horizontal Kanda airflow, cooling airflow along the ceiling, the air distance up to 14 meters.

    Nokoli T heating effect is good: support -15 ℃ low temperature heating, without electric auxiliary heat. Heating characteristics are wind pressure, hot air directly to the ground, the air temperature is not high, but the room warms up quickly; before defrosting will pre-warm the room to avoid the cold feeling from frosting.

    Nokoli T is quiet and good: the LG compressor runs quietly, the indoor unit has a large motor and large wind wheel, which can provide a large enough air volume when running quietly at low speed, and the left and right guide fan blades are made of soft material to further reduce wind noise.

    Overall, Nokoli T is an all-around air conditioner within 5,000 yuan, with a small size and high value, quiet operation, good heating effect, and a 10-year warranty. In fact, Nokoli T also has a lot of good design such as anti-condensate air guide, left and right wind angle, see my previous article and the introduction of the e-commerce page.

    Daikin Air Conditioner E-Max 7 1.5 HP New Tier 2 "Second Choice

    Daikin air conditioning is characterized by quiet, Japanese brands are actually quite good quiet, Daikin is the ultimate in silence. Daikin level 2 energy-efficient 1.5 hp air conditioners, Xiao Xin, E-MAX 7, E-MAX 8, the three hardware configuration is identical, hardware configuration to see Xiao Xin's teardown on the good.

    Daikin E-MAX small Xin series of new secondary, the use of Daikin 9.2cc displacement oscillating compressor, Bujinko machine electronic expansion valve, 2.6 row condenser, in general, Daikin E-MAX small Xin new secondary external machine configuration, to be better than most of the domestic new primary, just Daikin price difference is also relatively large, in the e-commerce platform small Xin price is the lowest, but some areas of these three difference in price is not large.

    Daikin E-MAX Xiao Xin series new secondary, indoor unit is 2 rows and a half evaporator, with φ105mm large-diameter serrated cross-flow fan, and Daikin's own ODM external rotor motor.

    Daikin air conditioning comprehensive configuration and price, the preferred model is the second level of energy efficiency E-MAX 7 and E-MAX 8, the two differences are not significant, E-MAX 8 although more temperature and humidity dual control, but not three independent dehumidification control, is still cooling dehumidification, only to increase the humidity sensor and improve the dehumidification algorithm, consider the price and availability, or first recommended E-MAX 7.

    Samsung air conditioner new Mu Feng 1.5 horsepower new three-stage

    Samsung Mu Feng is a new three-level energy efficiency, but the configuration is stronger than many domestic new level. Outdoor machine configuration and domestic 1.5 horsepower new level about the same, the inner machine using 27w DC motor with φ106.5mm large-diameter cross-flow fan, and Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin about the same, the overall configuration of the internal and external machine is better. Samsung Mu wind noise reduction treatment is also more attentive, than the Japanese new three-stage processing is better.

    Mu Feng high value, technical features are also relatively unique, compared to the early start of the Japanese air conditioning, Samsung as a latecomer, hard to open up a new technical route, the development of Mu Feng windless cooling mode. Samsung Mu Feng's main rival, is the United States wind whisperer windless air conditioning.

    Samsung and the United States of America without wind sense comparison.

    • Samsung new Mu wind: 27w motor + φ106.5mm wind wheel, 23,000 micro-hole
    • American wind whisperer: 13w motor + φ94mm wind wheel, 7928 micro-hole

    Samsung in the configuration performance, noise control, no wind experience, the overall slightly better than the United States wind whisperer, but the United States in the price, service advantages are obvious, sales are also larger than Samsung.

    Note: no sense of wind air conditioning is not no wind, but in the air conditioning distance of 2 meters, the wind speed down to 0.3 m / s, there is no sense of cold blowing wind, to achieve a "cool sense of windlessness" effect.

    And no wind sense mode can only be used when cooling, and need to first ordinary cooling air supply, and wait for the room temperature down before switching to no wind sense mode. Windless mode can not be used under heating, air conditioning heating requires a large air volume to blow hot air to the ground to have an effect.

    Panasonic SH2 1.5 HP new secondary

    Panasonic SH13KQ2 is Panasonic SH2 series 1.5 hp air conditioner, which I have not disassembled, but it was formerly known as the XE, once priced at nearly 10,000 yuan Panasonic's flagship. Panasonic SH2 parameters and indicators and the previous generation of XE exactly the same, only the internal machine function and remote control slightly adjusted.

    Panasonic SH2 is a Japanese imported internal machine, and Fujitsu Nokoli T is the same thick internal machine, SH2's core function is with filter automatic cleaning, and 20 times high concentration of NanoeX ions, with odor purification and bacteria removal function. Panasonic SH2 is suitable for more than 6 months a year need to open the air conditioning cooling areas, such as Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and other places, air conditioning cooling inside the machine will produce condensate, long-term keep wet easy to breed bacteria and odor, SH2 filter cleaning and ion function is very effective.

    Panasonic SH2 I have not dismantled, but Panasonic other models I have dismantled a lot, inferred that the configuration of this SH2: Panasonic 9.2cc compressor, double-row 12 groups of condensers, 40w outdoor DC fan. Inside the machine should be 3 rows of evaporators, with more than 25w motor.

    The shortcoming of the Panasonic SH2 is that the warranty is only "3 years for the whole machine and 6 years for the compressor", and Panasonic does not sell the SH2 in its own channel, it is a third-party distributor, so it is also used as a second choice model.