6 Benefits Of An All-Inclusive Yacht Charter Vacation

Life may not come with a reset button, but an undocked vacation without limits could be the next best thing. If you’ve ever looked into going on a Crewed yacht charter – with just you and your friends and family going island-hopping on a private yacht - you know that having a knowledgeable captain and personal gourmet chef on board is just one of the many things that make this tailor-made travel experience so unique.

A private Crewed yacht charter offers a number of benefits that you simply won’t receive on a commercial cruise line or during a deluxe resort stay, ultimately delivering a one-of-a-kind vacation that is all-inclusive and all about you. Here are some of the things that will make your on-the-water passage extra special and memorable.

Leave Your Worries on the Dock

Prior to departure, your pre-selected crew will contact you to discuss your meal and activity preferences, and prepare and provision your yacht to ensure optimal comfort for every guest in your group. Everything from the food & beverage selection to the fully-stocked bar and onboard water toys (foam noodles, snorkeling gear, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc.) will be tended to before you arrive.

Follow Your Own Schedule

Unlike large cruise ships, there are no pre-set departure dates or durations – so when you go and how long you stay on your island-hopping escape is entirely up to you. Set your sights on one of top-rated travel destinations in the laid-back Caribbean, the enchanting Mediterranean, or explore somewhere more exotic like the Far East, South Pacific, or the Indian Ocean’s Seychelles. No matter where you choose to undock, enjoy the flexibility of a cruising itinerary personalized to suit your needs and desires. With each sunrise comes a new story to unfold, with each sunset, more unforgettable memories to take home.

Access More Points of Interest

Escape the crowd. Your private yacht can effortlessly accommodate the intimate coves and pristine beaches that large cruise ships cannot. Plus, Crewed charters are allowed to access hidden harbors and secluded anchorages that even self-skippered yachts aren’t able to visit. Think of this vacation as your all-access pass to paradise—where the air is fresher, the views are unfiltered, and the distractions are minimal. This is your chance to get back to nature in the most up-close and personal way possible.

Don’t Stress About Packing

In the company of those you’re most comfortable with, you don’t have to worry so much about “dressing to impress”, which makes packing for an all-inclusive Crewed charter vacation less stressful. And since you’ll dine on board for most meals, you get to decide what the proper dress code is. You are on vacation after all!

Customize Your Menu

Are you allergic to nuts? Traveling with a “picky-eater”? Does somebody in your group follow a gluten-free diet? With a personal gourmet chef on board to prepare meals from your pre-selected menu, you can dine worry-free knowing that any food allergies, hard-to-please palates, and dietary restrictions in your private charter party have already been accounted for and accommodated. All meals and spirits are included with a Crewed yacht, which means you can soak up the sun while sipping on your favorite happy hour cocktail and avoid the “what’s for dinner?” debate altogether. Just sit back and relax—reservations not required.

A Passion for the Sea

Vacationing on a Crewed Sailing or Power catamaran goes way beyond just “taking a cruise”. The seasoned crew members come from all around the world, live aboard the yacht, and greet you with the warmest of welcomes. No two crews are alike, but they all share a passion for the sea, and exceptional hospitality. The combination of your crew’s local expertise and attention to detail is what makes this travel experience so unique and memorable.

When you’re surrounded by breathtaking coastlines from the deck of your own superb cruising vessel, it feels like you’re living in complete harmony with the world. So go ahead – bring your fantasy retreat to life by way of an unforgettable Crewed yacht charter vacation and capture something extraordinary. Paradise awaits!