6 Burner Phone Benefits

6 Burner Phone Benefits

Burner phones aren't completely useless when you know how to use them right. ( Screenshot From Buffalo Movie Set SPY Gadgets Page Facebook Page )

6 Burner Phone Benefits

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Burner phones are easy to purchase.

Having a burner phone can be quite useful and although the idea of having one may come across as a bit shady or a bit too extravagant, maybe it's time to be practical and see how a burner phone can protect your identity while securing your data. Although efforts have been made to protect information stored on smartphones from hackers, there are still loopholes which these hackers are able to penetrate.

Below are a few reasons why a burner phone is an absolute necessity:

1. Privacy

Facebook faced certain controversies way back 2019 for collecting data from people using pregnancy and ovulation trackers even without a Facebook account. Keeping yourself protected from sharing sensitive data is one of the benefits of having a burner phone. Estimated 74 percent of people are worried about their data and privacy being leaked online according to a study from Winston Privacy back in 2020.

2. Necessary Functions are still Included

In this modern age, people cannot survive without a phone. It has become a norm that a phone needs to be present at all times and being without a phone just feels incomplete. A good thing about a burner phone is that it is much stronger than a smartphone. Being able to withstand quite a lot, a burner phone is nice to keep in your bag as backup just in case.

3. Peace of Mind from Unwanted Attention

Aside from spammers or those unwanted shopping deals, you will be able to keep the essential contacts without having to deal with all the mumbo-jumbo. Having a burner phone with only priority contacts present is a great way to both receive and send messages or calls. You will be able to tell if the call is important because it is your burner phone that is ringing and not just your smartphone.

6 Burner Phone Benefits

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Having a burner phone has certain advantages.

4. A Life Away from Nuisance

Sometimes we all just want to fade into the background and work privately on our lives but we cannot possibly do this with a smartphone. The GPS tracking devices let people we may not want to reveal our whereabouts to access our information and track us down. A burner phone is great on a vacation or whenever you just want to have some time for yourself.

5. From from the Very Apps that Stress You

Ever gone through that phase where each and every app feels like a necessity and you end up downloading at least five unnecessary applications. There are so many apps which you can actually deal without and being able to survive peacefully without all those complications is something a burner phone helps you get through.

6. The Affordability of a Burner Phone

The price of a burner phone is not that big which makes it really easy to purchase. You will not have to break your budget just to get a burner phone. In fact, you can even own several burner phones just in case. Maybe one at home, one in your bag, and even one in your car or office!

Burner phones are a great addition to have and although you may not immediately need them, it pays off to have one around.