6 surprising benefits of tamarind

6 surprising benefits of tamarind

Tamarind is quite popular in Mexico but do you know where does it come from?

The tamarind tree is native to tropical regions of Africa, specifically Sudan. However, it has spread to other tropical areas in the world, especially Mexico.

The tamarind tree produces pod-like fruit that contains an edible pulp. In Mexico, the pulp is used to make sweets and fresh water.

Nevertheless, tamarind is not only delicious, but it also has many health benefits. According to the study “Tamarindus indica and its health-related effects”, these are the reasons why you should drink and eat it:

1. Digestion

In some African communities, tamarind is used as a laxative because it contains a large amount of malic acid, tartaric acid, and potassium.

2. Anticarcinogenic effect

An extract found in the tamarind seed has an effect that protects against cancer in renal cells and pancreatic cancer. This is thanks to its antioxidants and phytochemicals such as geraniol, a substance that fights tumor growth.

3. Protects your heart

Tamarind contains a high percentage of polyphenols and flavonoids. These substances have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health since they increase cholesterol excretion, prevents the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver, and increases good cholesterol levels.

4. Weight loss

Tamarind can help you lose weight since it contains flavonoids and polyphenols, substances that can help you regulate the lipids' metabolism.

5. Heals wounds

Applying a mixture obtained from the tree and leaves can help you heal faster.

6. Asthma

Tamarind has antihistaminic and adaptogenic effects which can help patients with asthma and allergic cough.