7 Beauty Tips From Women In Fitness

Today’s women have begun to celebrate the idea of “beauty and beast mode.” They want to look good and want to stay fit … at the same time.

The question is "How exactly do you do that?"

Are there certain makeup products that won’t clog your pores when you sweat? Are there right and wrong ways to clean your skin post workout? We’ve got your burning beauty questions answered!

Seven of our favorite women in fitness are here to help, detailing their go-to fitness beauty tips.

Beauty Tips From Women In Fitness

Tip 1: Protect the Face

“Using sunscreen to protect your face” is Cat Osterman’s biggest beauty secret.

The professional softball player and two-time Olympic gold medalist spends the majority of her workouts outside, and she’s not alone in that. Runners and soccer players alike frequently find themselves perfecting their craft in the great outdoors.

“Our face is our biggest asset, and it needs to be protected at all times,” adds Osterman.

Pro Tip: Never skip sunscreen.

Tip 2: Use Products that are Healthy

Taryn Hemmings, a former professional soccer player and now the co-founder of SWEAT Cosmetics says she’s always played her best when she felt she looked her best.

While that go-to “best look” is different for every woman, Hemmings points out that wearing makeup has always been part of the equation for her.

Her tip for women who feel the same way and want to wear some form of makeup during their workouts? “Always choose your skin first.”

“Find the healthiest products out there for whatever look you want to live your life in. For me, that’s SWEAT,” says Hemmings, whose favorite attribute of the line is that it’s designed to hold up and stay on through even the toughest, sweatiest workouts.

No more noticeable orange foundation dripping down your face midway through a set of burpees.

how to do Burpees

Pro Tip: Find cosmetics that will look natural and stay on during the workout.

Tip 3: Keep it Simple

Emily Skye

For those like Hemmings who prefer to wear makeup in the gym, Reebok trainer Australian fitness influencer Emily Skye recommends keeping it simple, applying just foundation and a setting spray with some power (you’ll need that power to withstand the sweat).

Feel free to add a little waterproof eyebrow gel and mascara (emphasize: waterproof) but skip the rest.

Pro Tip: Don’t cake on all your regular beauty products.

Beauty Tips From Women In Fitness

Tip 4: Get Your Hair Out of Your Face

Chyna Cho

As a four-time CrossFit Games competitor, Chyna Cho is no stranger to pushing herself through brutal workouts. Her biggest piece of advice for women who want to look put together while still getting the most out of their gym time: Get your hair out of your face.

“Rock a high pony tail, cute braid, or bun; don’t let your hair slow you down or get in your way,” says Cho.

Pro Tip: Rock the updo.

Tip 5: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

A longtime dancer KK Harris has often battled with the challenge of looking good while working out. Her biggest tip is to drink lots of water. Keep your body hydrated as you work out keeps your skin hydrated.

Pro Tip: A water bottle is your best friend.

Beauty Tips From Women In Fitness

Tip 6: Be Sure to Cleanse

Chachi Gonzales

Wearing makeup while you work out can sometimes lead to irritation, so if you do choose to do it, be sure you’re doing it correctly.

DanceOn dancer and choreographer Chachi Gonzales admits she’s had trouble with her skin in the past so she makes sure to “keep a strict skin care routine to keep her skin in check.”

Gonzales’ routine focuses on cleansing her skin soon after a workout to remove the makeup and dirt residue. Whether you opt for wipes or a cleansing scrub doesn’t matter; just don’t let the sweat and makeup build up in your skin.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to cleanse.

Beauty Tips From Women In Fitness

Tip 7: Dry Shampoo is a Girl's Best Friend

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to spend an hour in the locker room after working out.

When you find yourself tight for time, fitness trainer Colleen Fotsch says to “just rinse off in the shower with your favorite body wash and dab on some deodorant.”

“When going from the gym to work or out to dinner, dry shampoo has become my best friend,” continues Fotsch.

Removing that extra step of washing your hair can give you upwards of 35 minutes back in your day. No more excuses for cutting that workout a half hour short on account of the blowdryer.

Pro Tip: Skip the shower for dry shampoo.


Do you have fitness beauty tips of your own? Share them with us!