7 Caribbean Must-Sees Before You Die! Number 5 Will Have You Packing Your Bags Right Away!

Planning your next vacation? Well the Caribbean is your place to go. The magnificent blue waters of the Caribbean Sea caresses the shores of its many island gems. Out of the various different Caribbean islands, here are 7 Caribbean must-sees before you die.

1. Experience the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica

At about 55 meters high and 180 meters long, lies one of Jamaica’s most popular tourist attractions. The magnificent Dunns River Falls was constructed like a beautiful, celestial staircase to heaven by mother nature herself. It is one of the only rivers to flow directly into the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

2. Swim with Stingrays in Cayman Islands

Any stingray lovers present? Well, boy do I have a place for you. Receive kisses, feed and swim with the wonderful creatures known as stingrays. Stingray city in Cayman Islands allows visitors to dive and interact with the friendliest stingrays known to man.

3. Whale Watching in Dominican Republic

For anyone who loves humpback whales, Samana bay in Dominican Republic is considered the best place in the world to go whale watching. Witness, the magical sight of over 2,000 whales mating each year during the summer.

4. Witness Airplanes Landing at Maho Beach in St. Maarten

Are you obsessed with airplanes? Well, beachgoers are able to experience the amazing view of planes landing at the Princess Juliana International Airport adjacent to Maho beach. Planes pass overhead at less than 30 meters above the ground.

5. Carnival Celebrations in Trinidad And Tobago

Come to Trinidad and Tobago and experience the richness of the culture, colors, and music. Revelers take to the streets on Carnival morning to kick off the world famous two-day celebration with a parade of rainbow costumes, dancing, and an energy-filled atmosphere.

6. Walk Along the Malecon in Cuba

Take a 7 kilometer walk through the diverse history of Cuba on the Malecon. Pastel-colored, 20th century buildings line the way as lovers walk completely enamored with each other, and fishermen relaxingly do their job.

7. Snorkeling at Folkstone Marine Park in Barbados

Snorkel around the reef of the sunken ship, Stavronikita, which lies 36 meters underwater. More amateur snorkelers are recommended to swim around the inshore reef which contains a diversity of fish, sea anemones, sea lilies, coral, sponges and many other marine life. Other water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding are available.