7 Gorgeous Pics Of Selena Gomez

Everyone would agree that Selena Gomez is basically the queen of Instagram. While many often assume that title should go to one of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, the fact is, while they have right around 136 million followers, Selena has a staggering 132 million. She's a pretty big deal. Even people who may never listen to her music follow her account because she always looks amazing, whether she's sharing a shot of herself all dolled up for a performance or just a casual shot playing with friends. She totally nails the idea of giving her fans a peek into her life through social media, and it's paying off big time.

Here 7 amazing shots from her Instagram to prove she's just as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside.

7. A steamy shot from her newest video

A steamy shot from Selena Gomez newest video

Selena Gomez isn't the type of pop starlet who tries to shock the world whenever she can like Miley Cyrus did during her platinum bun twerking phase a while back. However, she's definitely not afraid to amp up the steaminess of her videos from time to time, if she thinks it works. The music video for her latest song "Wolves," featuring rapper Marshmello, proves that perfectly. Throughout the video, she's captured in a variety of outfits and settings, but all have a dark and sultry vibe that she's totally rocking. After seeing this screencap she shared to her Instagram account, we can't help but hope she opts for the bold red lip/wet hair look more often on the red carpet — she looks amazing. Total beauty inspiration right here, for sure.

6. Striking a pose and rocking a little red dress

Striking a pose and rocking a little red dress

There are some celebrities who gravitate towards the same shades or cuts whenever they dress up for a red carpet event. Sure, they may go for a different designer or a gown with different embellishments, but the overall vibe is the same. Not Selena Gomez, perhaps because she's young, perhaps because she seems genuinely interested in style, perhaps because everything looks fantastic on her petite physique, she's all over the place when it comes to her style — and we love it. She looks amazing in more romantic, softer looks, but she also looks incredible in boss babe outfits that are a bit more structured and severe. This little red dress, paired with a leather jacket slung over her shoulder, seems to be the best of both worlds — soft yet totally sultry and structured.

5. A stunning dressing room selfie

A stunning dressing room selfie of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez spends a ton of time in dressing rooms. From getting all glammed up for magazine photoshoots to prepping for a performance to getting ready for a television appearance to promote her latest project, she's constantly making sure her look is flawless. So, it makes sense that she'd take some selfies from time to time while she's waiting in the dressing room. Plus, who hasn't been tempted to take a selfie or two after you get all glammed up? We're not sure where she's headed with this bombshell blowout and gorgeous white dress, but she looks absolutely amazing. Plus, with 136 million followers, you've got to take a few selfies every now and then to please the masses — they like glimpses into her world, but many are also followers because they just love seeing her gorgeous face.

4. Chilling, watching television and sipping a hot drink while she prepares backstage

Selena's chilling, watching television and sipping a hot drink while she prepares backstage

Okay, this is one of the reasons that so many people love following Selena Gomez on Instagram. She posts plenty of glam shots of herself on photo shoots, or gorgeous selfies, but then she also posts (equally gorgeous) pictures of herself living her life. It offers fans a glimpse into her day to day activities, and that's kind of amazing. In this shot, she's pictured sipping a hot beverage and watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory while snuggled up in a blanket in a dressing room area. It just proves stars kind of are just like the rest of us — they may seem larger than life, but they need some time to unwind with a comedy and cozy surroundings just like any other person. No one can be a superstar 24/7!

3. The smoky eye selfie queen

The smoky eye selfie queen

Selena has the kind of face that can handle just about any look. She looks stunning in natural 'barely there' makeup, and she also looks amazing with a much heavier look, like this smoky eye. Everything about this look is flawless, from the slight cat-eye shape to the smoky eye that gives her a feline flair to the slightly pink but natural lips to the flushed cheeks courtesy of masterful blush application. It looks like she just tumbled out of bed after getting a little frisky — and we totally don't blame her for taking a selfie to document this amazing look. In fact, she should rock this kind of vibe more often — she looks absolutely amazing! Hopefully, her glam team keeps some of her selfies as reference and inspiration.

2. Looking fabulous in a leather romper striking a pose

Selena's looking fabulous in a leather romper striking a pose

A leather romper may seem like a totally bizarre outfit choice, but somehow Selena manages to make it work. On many women, this ensemble would look like they were wearing a poorly constructed garbage bag outfit — but on Selena, it looks like a million bucks. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she paired it with super sultry strappy sandals and a chic slicked back hairstyle. Seriously — we're not sure if it's just because she's been in the industry for so long or what, but the woman can out-pose even supermodels. And we're sure her fans loved getting this glimpse into her life, just a day on the town, grabbing some brunch and posing in a romper. We can't help but wonder where else she went with this outfit — it definitely makes a statement!

1. Another amazing selfie because she's the queen

Selena's amazing selfie because she's the queen

Seriously — Kim Kardashian West needs to step aside because Selena's selfie game might just be the best in the business. We're not sure if she's just naturally insanely photogenic or if she has her angles down to a science, but she looks amazing in literally every selfie — and we have a feeling it's a lot more effortless to get a good shot for her than it is for most of us mere mortals. She's got her hands full right now with her music career and ventures in the entertainment industry, but perhaps one day she'll release her own book of selfies just like Kim K — we have a feeling plenty of people would buy it just to see if they could get some insight from the selfie queen herself.