7 Ridiculous Tire Covers Spotted On The Road

The spare-wheel cover is an accessory that's common with 4x4 car owners. The covers are usually made from soft vinyl or hard shells. The main purpose of the cover is to protect the spare tire from the elements. Tire covers in the past used to be boring, as the owners bought them just for their functionality. Nowadays, car owners have become creative, and there's a lot of artistic energy to the covers. You're in the right place if you're looking for inspiration for your first tire covers. The covers are only practical if you own a 4x4 vehicle that has the tire mounted at the rear.

There's a big market for tire covers that target mainly Jeep owners because of the design of the vehicle. Some of these covers are bound to make you smile in traffic even if you're having a bad day. Some of the covers on the list would fall into the category of modification failures. Jeep owners never run out of humor, and the tire covers are sometimes used to tell non-owners what they're missing. While the Jeep might've been engineered for rough terrains, a hilarious tire might just make it more enduring. Let's check out the following list of the funniest tire covers that have been spotted on the road.


Hawk or Illuminati tire cover

The Illuminati is one of the biggest mysteries of our times. It has for so long been associated with dark forces, and you can't go through all the conspiracy theories without having a mental breakdown. This Jeep owner has been clever with his art, and one would think there's a missing portion and that it hasn't been completed. It looks like a hawk; then, there's the Illuminati symbol. You don't know what to make of it, and all you can do is just smile. I'm sure the owner has been stopped a couple of times so that he can explain the meaning of the art on the tire cover. He could've painted it a different color to make it even more visible.


we are not in a hurry trire cover

The message is quite clear. This must be a veteran who served in the Vietnam war and has seen it all. This kind of person likes to takes his time when doing stuff, and you're likely to be frustrated driving behind him when the green light signals. At least he's warned you with the tire cover, which serves as a disclaimer. He must've had enough of young people hooting and trying to overtake all the time. I doubt if there's any normal person who wouldn't smile when he sees such a tire cover on the road. It's not a 4x4 vehicle you would want to borrow from your folks if you're in your 20s unless you have a spare tire cover.


poor LeBron tire cover

This must be a Celtics fan who has a personal hatred for LeBron James. This is bound to make you laugh out loud in the car even if you're not a basketball fan. It gets even funnier the more you look at it and will probably linger in your head for a long time. The internet is cruel when it comes to pictures, and even a second could change the whole complexion of a photograph. I wish the owner had included a meme making fun of the car behind or saying something corny about the Jeep. This tire cover should be inducted into the hall of fame for being one of the funniest things you'll ever see on the road. I bet LeBron James has seen it already since stuff like this travels fast on the world wide web.


This is the first question you'd be asking yourself when you see this tire cover. I'm sure keyboard feminists haven't seen it yet, as they would be ranting all over social media if they had. The lady on the cover doesn't seem to mind, given that it's still up. Maybe she doesn't get the joke, so the owner has been able to survive the wrath for this long. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with my face traveling around like a road commercial. People are wondering who the lady could be and what her association with the driver is. We'll never really find out unless the owner comes out and assures us he wasn't high on any substance when he was putting up the tire cover.


Jeep trire cover

This guy must've been stuck in the rat race for years before throwing in the towel. He decided to buy the Jeep and explore the world. He knows just how miserable people can be with a 9-5 job and then get stuck in traffic for another two hours. The cover is refreshing compared to the ones we see on the road, but don't follow the advice blindly if you have nothing in your savings account. You might end up sleeping on the streets just because you followed a funny advice on the tire cover of a Jeep. Falling in love is also not that easy unless you have a vehicle like this. You should definitely return home because you can't be in the wilderness forever.


Trump tire cover

President Donald Trump is a controversial figure. He attracts love and hate in equal measure, and there's always something funny about him going around on the internet. This particular tire cover is really funny and blends in with the rear grilles of the vehicle. It's as if Donald Trump is signaling at you to look at his big shoulders without staring too much. It's hard to ascertain whether or not the owner was making fun of Donald Trump. It's a work of genius, and even those who don't like the guy will say it's appealing in a funny way. Donald Trump is everywhere, even in the car in front of you when you're stuck in traffic.


Kung Fu Panda tire cover

I used to watch a lot of Steven Seagal movies when I was growing up. He never lost a fight—didn't even get a punch or two. This guy must be one Steven Seagal fanatics for him to include the panda into the mix. Any action movie lover would get the Joke. Kung Fu Panda is the only match to Steven Seagal, and there should be a duel to determine who's a better fighter between the two. It looks like the stage is already set on this tire cover, but the two are bonding and cuddling instead of fighting, which is what we expected. It might take awhile before we see a fight between the two, given the calm and joy in their faces.