7 Sneaky Illegal Things The CIA Does That Nobody Knows About

The Vault 7 leak of information by Wikileaks about the operations of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) show how deeply embedded the military-industrial complex has become. The American President Eisenhower, himself a retired general, publicly warned everyone during the 1950s that this dark shadow force was taking over the U.S. government. After Eisenhower, President Kennedy attempted to dismantle the CIA and we all know what happened to him.

The CIA is part of the “black” budget efforts of the United States that is now called the “deep” state. These black budget operations cost billions of dollars each year, yet they’re not accounted for in any way.

Here are the top seven sneaky and/or illegal things that are done by the CIA:

7. Know Your Memes

Memes are viral things that spread on the Internet. They are more than the silly digital cats and funny jokes. They are a form of massive mind control when they are created for a nefarious purpose. The intense discussion about the Russians meddling in the U.S. presidential election is all about using the Internet to shift public opinion.

Under the code name of “Operation Mockingbird,” the CIA operates a Meme Warfare Center. Its primary mission is to generate and transmit memes to friendly, noncombatant, and enemy populations and then analyze their effectiveness. Memes are now considered a part of global warfare.

6. CIA Lost Control of Spying Tactics Used on Americans

The CIA has a domestic spying apparatus to spy on Americans in the United States. The CIA discovered and, in some cases, introduced backdoor vulnerabilities in software and hardware, such as consumer products, to enable more effective spying.

The CIA exposed Americans to massive risks through these exploits and vulnerabilities went unreported by them, even though the CIA was required by law to inform the manufactures of any vulnerability that was discovered. These cyber warfare capabilities escaped the CIA’s control and got into the hands of adverse global forces that include criminal gangs and rogue nations.

5. The CIA Has Access to Smartphones

Through backdoor exploits and vulnerabilities, the CIA can access any smartphone to use it to spy on the people nearby. A camera on the phone can be turned on without the owner noticing its use. The location of the person using a smartphone is easily determined for tracking every movement.

Through its Mobile Devices Branch, the CIA is able to monitor any person within the United States as well as many other parts of the world. This ability bypasses any encryption applications used to secure data and captures the data on the phone before it is encrypted.

4. The CIA Can Monitor a Room Using a Digital Television

The CIA set up a project called Weeping Angel to access digital televisions. Any digital television that is connected to a cable provider or to the Internet allows the CIA to access it. The CIA can monitor both the audio and the video of the room where the digital television is located.

The CIA can operate these devices remotely and record anything happening in the room. The recordings are processed automatically and scanned for specific search terms in the audio and facial recognition in the video. When any suspected things are found in the recordings, this triggers further investigation by the CIA surveillance team staff.

3. The CIA Records All Skype Conversations

Ever wonder why Skype suddenly made all telephone calls virtually free and nothing was done by the major phone companies to stop this? Skype became worth billions not because of revenue flow but because of its effectiveness in creating a ubiquitous spying capability for all Skype conversations.

Not only is everything on Skype recorded and stored forever as a digital file, the files are searchable using artificial intelligence routines to review the massive amounts of data and pull out things of interest. Nothing good comes from becoming a “person of interest” to the CIA.

2. The CIA Has Hacks for Every Software

Every operating system, anti-virus software, computer gaming program, or anything widely used is subject to a CIA hack. Wikileaks reports on a CIA program called Fine Dining that is used by the CIA to gain access to any computer.

The CIA has introduced exploits into major software and is able to install resident programs that spy on the computer users and send data back to the CIA. The computer will appear to be running a popular software program, while at the same time it is searching the computer and making copies of anything of interest to send to the CIA.

1. The CIA Creates False Flags

The CIA has an organized division that creates false flag events. A false flag is an event that appears to be caused by something else or is not a real event. CIA hackers found ways to forge the digital identities of foreign hackers to make it appear as if the foreigners are conducting the operations of cyber warfare.

Any attacks on the U.S. made by what appear to be foreign operators can just as easily have been forged to look like foreigners caused the attack when in truth the CIA hackers are the ones orchestrating the attack.