7 Supercars That Can Accelerate Faster Than A Jet

Supercars That Can Accelerate Faster Than A Jet

With how advanced technology is nowadays, it's possible that there are already cars that can accelerate faster than planes or jets. We call them "supercars." These cars can go super fast, such that when pitted against a plane or a jet on the runway, you'll be astounded to see them run side by side or even see the supercar drive past the plane or the jet.

The magic of engineering has allowed us to create these supercars. You can often find these rockets on four wheels from luxury-car manufacturers. For these manufacturers, the finish line is still way ahead. So, they continue on improving these cars, making them faster and faster with every iteration. Time might even come that these supercars will become so fast that a certain kind of protection from the heavy pull of gravity might be needed.

With every improvement on these supercars, we can expect them to go faster, and soon, they'll easily beat any plane or jet on the runway. In a way, you can imagine these cars "flying" on the streets as they accelerate. When all cars on the road are like that, we might need to re-establish our speed limits.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the world's fastest supercars. We listed here 7 vehicles that accelerate so fast, they can beat a plane or a jet any day. Hold on to your seats because you might get blown away when any of these supercars pass you by.


Burkland 411 Streamliner

Now that you're almost near the end of the list, you probably feel that the first entry is slow as a turtle even if it's already fast in its own right. This is the same thing that happened in 2008 when the Burkland 411 Streamliner broke all land-speed records, and everyone was left astounded. The Burkland 411 Streamliner hit 415 mph when they drove it on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

How was it able to reach such a high speed?

The Burkland 411 Streamliner is powered by an IC Supercharged Hemi engine, allowing it to reach speeds of over 400 mph easily. During its initial run in 2001, the Burkland 411 Streamliner suffered a catastrophic crash, and it took seven years for it to get back on the field. It was worth it because it made a legacy after that run in Utah.


Green Monster

In the 1960s, the Green Monster was a household name when it came to speed records. At that time, it beat and re-beat speed records.

The Green Monster is a creation of Art and Walt Arfons, who are half-brothers. They powered the Green Monster with an F-104 Starfighter turbojet engine, which is why it was able to break and re-break speed records. The Green Monster first came out in the 1950s, and it came with many variations that can still be seen today. However, it was the 1960s version that made a name when it came to speed. Its archenemy, the Wingfoot Express, easily bowed down to the Green Monster.

In the end, the Green Monster came out victorious after topping many speed battles during its day.


Vesco Turbinator

The Vesco Turbinator broke the 470 mph barrier with a top speed of 470.444 mph. That mind-blowing speed was reached when it ran across a salt flat. However, the team behind the Vesco Turbinator said that they aren't done even after hitting such a high land speed. Their goal? To break the 500 mph barrier.

They plan to enhance the design and machinery of the Vesco Turbinator to allow it to hit 500 mph and beyond. There are many engineering upgrades in the pipeline, and this super vehicle might just hit its goal soon.

It was in 2001 when the Vesco Turbinator broke the 470 mph barrier. Unfortunately, their team leader, Don Vesco, passed away, which is why work on it is on a slowdown. Still, the team is rallying behind the Vesco Turbinator to get back on the salt flat and break that 500 mph barrier.


Spirit of America

A record-breaking land vehicle, the Spirit of America has beaten the likes of the Green Monster and the Wingfoot Express. The Spirit of America boasts a top speed of 600.601 mph, which is a speed beyond most of us, even the most talented of car drivers. It literally broke the 600 mph ceiling and raised the speed bar so high!

The Spirit of America had an F104 Starfighter jet engine, which is the same god-like engine used on the Green Monster. The guy behind the wheel when the Spirit of America broke the land speed record was Craig Breedlove. He etched his name in history because, at that time and even today, reaching over 600 mph is beyond belief.

Earlier, before the Spirit of America hit its top speed, it ran into an accident where it created a skid mark on the road that measured 5 miles before it hit a pond. Hence, it also got the record for the longest skid mark in history.


Blue Flame

Just when you thought that the 600 mph ceiling is the final ceiling and that only one car can break that here, there's the Blue Flame. This super vehicle (we're not sure if it's still in the supercar category because it looks like a rocketship) has a top speed of 630.388 mph. It reached this maximum speed after running at a salt flat.

The Blue Flame is a creation of Reaction Dynamics in Milwaukee. They used (more of experimented on) an engine that combined high-test peroxide and liquefied gas as a source of power. In the end, the Blue Flame seems to have gotten a rocket engine, and yes, it performed like a rocket as it reached that maximum speed.

At present, the Blue Flame can be found in Germany. It's in the Sinsheim Auto and Technik Museum.



With a top speed of 650.88 mph, the Thrust2 isn't yet the fastest vehicle on this list. Yet, it's as close as it gets. Apparently, the Thrust2's design was inspired by the Batmobile, which is why its performance is somewhat at par with if not beyond Batman's car. It reached its top speed during a test in the Nevada Black Rock Desert. That was sometime in 1983. For the next 14 years, it held the record as the fastest land vehicle.

The Thrust 2 has a Rolls-Royce Avon jet engine under the hood, which allows it to beat jets even when it just operates on land. They got this engine from a former English fighter jet.

At present, the Thrust2 can be seen at the Coventry Transport Museum in England.


Thrust SSC

The fastest vehicle on land is the Thrust SSC. Beating everything else including planes and jets on runways, the Thrust SSC has a maximum speed of 771 mph, and it's the only land vehicle that's broken the 700 mph barrier. Moreover, it's the only land vehicle that's also broken the sound barrier. It set this record in 1997, and 20 years after, it still holds that record.

The Thrust SSC has two Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engines under the hood. These are fighter engines, so this super-duper car is more of a jet than a car, and it actually looks like one but with wheels. Its engines produce a massive 110,000 hp, and it gulps 4.8 gallons of fuel per second.

It's been a long wait for another vehicle to beat Thrust SSC, and until then, it's the only one that's reached Mach-level speed.