8 Abnormally Enormous Animals That Are Actually Real

Animals can be terrifying creatures, even tiny ones can pose a deadly threat to human beings. For example, the harvester ant can kill people, even though it is about the size of a tic-tac mint. Their venom is actually the most toxic insect venom in the world, and they hunt in packs, which makes them even more frightening.

The puffer fish is pretty small, too. It can be as small as one inch, but its two poisons can be lethal to human beings. Numbness, tingling, and decreased blood pressure can be the result of the poisons.

Mosquitos are extremely small, and they’re pretty much all over the place; they transmit the world’s deadliest diseases. It has been claimed that they kill more human beings every year than any other creature does—including other humans. They are probably the world’s most deadly animal.

On the other hand, large animals pose threats of their own because of their size. Surprisingly enough, though, large animals are often known to be relatively kind and benevolent creatures. This list contains examples of the largest of the large creatures that have existed on the Earth in recent years—many of them are still around and ready to scare anyone that encounters them.

1. The African Giant Snail

When you read the word giant, you expect an enormous creature. Snails are generally pretty small. However, this snail is a little bigger than one might expect. This snail, at about 8 inches long, is roughly the size of a human hand. It is also extremely tough and incredibly slimy.

Despite the fact it is called the “African” Giant Snail, it is actually found in a lot of places, and it poses threats to crops due to the fact it has a ravenous appetite. It also reproduces rapidly, making it even more of a pest.

As a result of the above, it is considered one of the world’s top invasive species.

It is also aestivate, meaning that that it can spend hot or dry periods in a state of dormancy or torpor—a state characterized by mental inactivity.

2. The Goliath Birdeater

Spiders are, in general, considered pretty small creatures. They may have eight legs and beady eyes—and they do possess the ability to create impressive webs—but they’re generally harmless. They typically eat flies, and then they’re eaten by lizards and birds.

The Goliath Birdeater, however, is something of an exception to the rule. The tarantula can actually weight up to 6 ounces (or 175 grams). They live in the Amazonian Jungle.

They don’t actually eat birds, though. They do however eat snakes, toads, and rodents.

3. Darius, The World’s Largest Rabbit

Darius is actually a bunny. He may be the size of a large and kind of fat dog—but he is actually a rabbit. Take a look at the ears.

He actually weighs about 50 pounds and is well over four feet tall.

Darius has a son named Jeff—who is not fully grown yet. Jeff is already roughly three feet, eight inches tall.

The two are members of a giant rabbit species called the Continental Rabbits. Members of the species routinely get to be four feet tall.

The father and son consume 2000 carrots and 700 apples every year, and they do so in addition to their daily rabbit food.

4. Chinese Giant Salamander

Salamanders are typically about 6 inches long, and many of them are smaller—in fact, some of them are actually smaller than an inch.

There are hundreds of varieties of the amphibians, though, so there needs to be an exception. That exception is the Chinese Giant Salamander, which can grow to be six feet long.

5. The World’s Tallest Dog

The world’s tallest dog is named Zeus, and the dog’s owners describe him as a “gentle giant”. In the 2013 version of the Guinness Book of World Records, he was named the world’s tallest dog. If he stands on his hind legs, he is well over seven feet tall. His owners—who live in Ostego, Michigan—were asked several times if their pet was actually a horse.

He was owned by Denise and Kevin Doorlag. Sadly, Zeus died only three days before he was to turn six years old.

Zeus was actually a qualified therapy dog, and would often sit in people’s laps in order to make them smile. He weighed over 150 pounds.

6. The World’s Largest Cat

The world’s largest cat is named Ludo, and he is a Maine Coon. Maine Coons are known for having furry tails and being a relatively large breed of domestic cats. From nose to tail, they’re typically 40 inches. At seventeen months, Ludo was about 45 inches and actually weighed almost 25 pounds.

Maine Coons are known for being particularly gentile, and Ludo is no exception; also, in spite of his size, he actually eats less than other felines.

7. The Goliath Frog

Also called the Giant Frog, The Goliath is not very frightening or hazardous to humans. However, seeing a frog its size can be quite a shock to most people. Most large frogs are only about the size of the average human fist, but the Goliath is over a foot long. When it extends its legs, it is even bigger.

Interestingly enough, the tadpoles are about normal size. They just keep growing, though, into quite enormous frogs.

Goliath Frogs can be found in Cameroon and other parts of Africa.

8. Japanese Spider Crab

If you enjoy eating seafood, there’s a lot to love about most crabs. No matter how much you might enjoy a good meal, though, you may want to reconsider interacting with a Japanese Spider Crab. It can actually weigh over 40 pounds and measure 18 feet, making the species of crab particularly frightening at first glance.

Surprisingly enough, however, the terrifying-looking Japanese Spider Crab is actually known to be quite gentle—at least as far as crabs go.

The Japanese Spider Crab is considered a delicacy and is therefore hunted as food, so its population has declined in recent years.