8 Cars Men Are Embarrassed To Drive

Cars Men Are Embarrassed To Drive

Ever looked at a car and wondered which insane designer drew it up? Worse, have you ever seen a man step out of that ugly car looking all jazzed up as if he is driving a supped up Ferrari? I have had those feelings countless times.

Here is one thing we all know – a man and his ego are like a child and his/her candy; inseparable. But at times in life, a man’s ego gets tested not by the amount of cash in his bank account but by the car he drives.

As much as you are what you eat, you are also what you drive. Now, not everyone can afford a Lamborghini or a 3 million dollar Bugatti, but there are some cars that despite not even being worth the display at the showroom, are just an embarrassment to drive.

Which ones are these? Well, I have a list, a long one to be precise. If you happen to own, let alone drive any of these cars, then the definition of a man’s rich ego lies nowhere close to you.

But don’t be upset if your mid-sized sedan or boxy looking two-door car is in this list of the 8 cars men are embarrassed to drive; just first do yourself the honor of going through the list, then get yourself a better car.


Chrysler PT Cruiser

When this car first rolled out of the assembly line, buyers went crazy. The line-up for this vehicle stretched up to several months – until people realized that the car was simply a fad.

Months into service, the PT Cruiser was the hallmark of chronic failures, poor reliability and build quality issues. The local mechanics became fans of this car and sooner than later the car that was once described as cool became “too grandpa”. But the very optimistic Chrysler did not quit. They launched a convertible variant that was not only lame but also scary to drive. And come to think of it, this car looks like a smaller rendition of a big rig – you won’t catch me dead in it!


Nissan Murano Cabriolet

The Murano SUV is a great car, but its sister cannot be described in similar fashion. The Murano Cabriolet convertible might look fairly good, but that’s not an adequate description when it comes to a car a man should be spotted driving.

Despite the close to sporty looks and a convertible design to top it all off, this car has no keys to men’s hearts.

As per a survey, the Murano Cabriolet doesn’t impress the men. Most drivers interviewed described the car as “too girly”. Some of the interviewees went on to call the car “ugly as hell!” Well, avoiding this car would be a wise choice if you want to save your dignity.


Pontiac Aztek

Nearly everyone is in love with SUVs. But for the Pontiac Aztek, it lacked love as soon as it came off the assembly line.

The Pontiac Aztek has been ridiculed as a car with lackluster design; the ultimate result of cost shaving a car down to to its bear ugly plastic parts. The car has been ridiculed to the extent that the producers of “Breaking Bad” had to put their loser character in a Pontiac Aztek. Car critique Dan Neil once joked that the car would have sold better had it had a swastika tattooed on its forehead.

On providing you with the luxuries and comfort of an SUV, the Pontiac Aztek comes nowhere close to success. Just stay away from this car.


Geo Metro

Here goes another cheap car that your wife will send you back to the showroom with. The Geo Metro was friendly to your pocket, but not to your dignity.

The car was packed with either a three cylinder or four cylinder engine which produced nothing beyond 90 hp. Getting into the car, you would be greeted by a handful of, if not zero equipment. For the few surviving Metros still on the road, they look like an old age replica of the first car ever made.

However, what’s great about this car is its fuel efficiency. It is rated at 47 mpg, which is good news. But here we are talking about manly ego efficiency; and it scores zero on that one.


Chevy Aveo

This car was made to mimic the Geo Metro and clearly they made a bad choice. The car looks nothing short of ugly. Worse still, Forbes magazine went ahead and described it as one of the worst cars ever made on the road – now who would want to go to a showroom and buy such a car?

Even in their efforts of taking after the Geo Metro, the Chevy Aveo failed the fuel efficiency test. It compared to its 1989 role model badly; raking in a poor 26 mpg for a car designed and manufactured in 2004. To add the icing to the cake (bad, vanilla cake), the Chevrolet Aveo was described as not safe at all as per modern standards. If you want to drive home with a mask covering your face, drive this Chevy.


BMW 320Ti Hatch

Most of us know the German machine talk; where cars made from Germany are applauded for their superior design and engineering expertise. Well, for this car, the talk is a little bit different.

No denying that a man would feel on top of his world in a BMW, but the entry level BMW 320Ti was best suited for silent testing in your garage. The car looked more like an egg, with some critics claiming it was a half car with some parts missing.

You should thank the critics for their harsh words because the failure of this entry model is what led to subsequent generations of 2 series being far better; and far much drivable by the dignified man.


Chevrolet SSR

I would not be very wrong to insinuate that Chevy went the Baja way on this one; though frankly Chevy took the mix-up a notch higher. The SSR was not a blend of two car design variants but rather every single car design variant you can possibly think of. The car was supposedly a blend of sports car, roadster, pick-up truck, hotrod and cruiser.

The niche market it was meant for (I wonder if it existed in the first place), was confused on what to do with it. The car was too slow for a hotrod, too geeky for a truck and too truck-like for a cruiser. Having failed in all aspects it was designed for, its production had to end three years into the line. Guys, being spotted at a ball game with this ride is akin to social life suicide.


Lincoln Town Car

When this car was made, it was designed to be luxurious and offer a smooth and comfortable ride around town. But that was when your grandpa was going for his prom. Today, this car should not ride past your garage door.

The Lincoln Town Car is old, very old. Its large size comes in as a barrier to achieving close to neck breaking speeds, thus the best you can do on the freeway is let other drivers zoom past you as if you are some speed camera waiting to issue some speeding tickets.

However, some still serve as limousines, at times rented for a trip to the airport, but if you are keen enough to notice who’s behind the wheel, it’s not a young man who’s driving it. Get behind the wheel of this car today and you will be the joke of the town, provided you are not beyond fifty years old.