8 Celebrities With Bizarre “Addictions”

It seems that every day we read about celebrities and their harmful addictions – but you’ve probably never heard any addictions quite like these. The following unbreakable habits may sound harmless and trivial, but for some of these celebs, they have taken a hold of their lives in a controlling way! Celebrities are constantly going on about their weird habits and their bizarre beliefs, but what about their unusual addictions? Why don’t we hear more about those? Probably because most of these “addictions” are beyond outrageous.

8. Cameron Diaz - Golf

Cameron Diaz

In fact, there was even a time in her life when she gave up golfing because it was taking up far too much of her free time. Cameron revealed this in an interview: “I’ve been golfing for about eight years but I hadn’t golfed for, like, three years until recently… because it’s kind of like crack cocaine to me.” Three years sober, and then she cracked…

7. Jesse Eisenberg - Cats

Jesse Eisenberg

When it comes to the age-old question “are you a dog person or a cat person?”, for Jesse Eisenberg it’s a no-brainer. Jesse doesn’t just love cats – he’s obsessed with them! In fact, at the premiere for the 2011 movie, Rio, he revealed that he has 42 cats! Okay, so that was probably a slight over-exaggeration, but still, he literally can’t stop himself adopting new ones.

6. Selena Gomez - Pickle Juice

Selena Gomez

Selena will polish off a jar of pickles in no time at all – the juice too. She swigs it down like it’s a cold, iced diet coke on a boiling hot day. That’s bizzare, right? But you know, to each their own and all that.

5. Jaden Smith - Instagramming

Jaden Smith

But now he’s back and bigger than ever! His Instagram is a virtual art gallery, and he just can’t stop adding to it. When he’s feeling very creative, he’ll even upload images that are mere white squares, creating the illusion of a blank space – how very artsy!

4. Robert Pattinson - Diet Coke

Robert Pattinson

And what is he addicted to? Diet Coke of all things! In fact, based on his own estimates, he consumes about 300 cans of Diet Coke in a week! That’s insane. I mean, why not mix it up a little? Diet Pepsi? Pepsi Max? Water?!

3. Michelle Williams - E-Mailing

Michelle Williams

Michelle has even said that writing emails gives her a kind of “dopamine hit”. The beautiful actress is as high as a kite when she’s in the middle of writing an email. She gets all giddy when she fills in all the fields (especially that subject field), and then finally gets to click that send button. As is the case with all addictions, Michelle has tried combating it. And how has she gone about it? Well, she tries writing with a pen and paper as much as possible in order to distract herself from her impulsive need to email. Our prayers are with you Michelle!

2. Paris Hilton - Fake Tanning

Paris Hilton

Believe it or not, Paris Hilton is addicted to tanning. There’s no way she’d be caught dead looking pasty at any time of the year. She’s also no stranger to a sunbed or two. Plus she even has her own spray-tanning machine, and believes getting a tan is “better than se*”.

1. Mila Kunis - World Of Warcraft

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she’s addicted to the online game, World of Warcraft, and actually quit playing it because the addiction got so intense. I mean, she has two kids now and has to attend to their every need, and I guess she can’t really have them in the background watching her going to WoW with people online.