8 Everyday Things That Will Disappear

Like landlines and videotapes that disappeared, technology is going to replace many things in future. You will have a world that will be full of new things. Believe it or not, it is not a dream. Let us know a few things that will disappear within a few decades.


Yes! Nothing is going to hurt you more than the disappearance of chocolate. It is said that the cocoa production is reducing at a very fast pace and soon Cadbury will be a dream.


Did you hear that out? This yellow metal is showing signs of disappearance. Investors are thinking less about investing money on it. So, people out there, you got to shift to diamond and platinum.


The world is slowly drifting towards the cashless economy and within a good period, cash, debit and credit cards will be replaced by digital money. Not a bad idea but what would you do with the collection of your wallets.


Did you ever imitate someone's signature? Well, the world will soon get rid of this fraud as signatures will be replaced by the latest technology of biometrics such as iris, fingerprint, and voice recognition.

Remote Control

How much we fight at home for that one remote control and how we hide it from others. Forget the fights as Internet of Things and the Voice technology would be enough to control your channels.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam will be a talk about the past as you would be telling your grandchildren about your struggles with traffic. In future, we would have automatically driven cars which would make no mistake and traffic jam will not be there. Some companies have started the production of such cars.

Fast Food Workers

We will see a decrease in fast food workers in coming future. It is known that they will be replaced by robots who will entertain the work of preparing and serving the food. You will have a touch screen menu to have a good of your choice.


Not only fast food workers but the surgeons would also have to pay attention to their contribution in future as their field would be soon taken over by robots in artificial intelligence. Just think about going through a bypass surgery by a robot.