8 Items Found On Earth Cannot Be Explained

1. The Ata Skeleton

This strange and scary skeleton was found on Chile desert in 2003. The body is very thin, with small head and has less ribs than normal human body. The founder of skeleton said that he was so scared when he first saw what he found, and that he though it was alien. It’s believed that Ata is some kind of premature fetus, but it was never confirmed.

2. Dogu

Dogu are small humanoid sculptures mostly found in Japan. It’s believed that they’ve been made between 14 000 – 400 BC, so some of they can be 16000 years old. Every dogu is unique and it’s a little bit different than all other. As to what they meant or represented, no one knows

3. The Quimbaya Airplanes

This golden object that represent a plane are found in Columbia before more than 1000 years, way before any human being though it was possible to fly with airplane. Some scientist think that this is sculpture of flying fish, but mystery still remains unsolved.

4. Rat Kings

This creepy item is made of 32 rats that are connected with their tails. Most of them are found in Germany and it’s believed that they are associated with plagues and bad omen.

5. Ulfberht Viking Swords

The Ulfberht Viking Swords are about 160 medieval swords, signed with words “+VLFBERHT+”. They are created in 9th century, but the strange thing is that the technique needed to create this piece wasn’t even invented until 800 years once these were forged. Most of these swords are found in Norway and North Germany.

6. The Rongorongo Tablets

This mysterious glyph is found in 19th century on Eastern Island and it might be the last remnants of the Rongorongo language in history. Many people tried to decipherment this table, but none were successful.

7. The Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca Head

The Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca Head is probably a part of a bigger sculpture found in 1933 in Mexico City. “Because the head appears to be similar in style to artifacts of Roman origin, some believe that it is evidence of pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact between Rome and the Americas, a view strongly promoted by archaeologist Romeo H. Hristov”

8. The Codex Gigas

Don’t creep out when we tell you that this largest extant medieval manuscript in the world (36 in tall, 20 in wide) is believed to be the creation of Devil himself. Devil bible as many call it because of the large illustration of Devil, is probably created in 12th century in one of Czech Republic monastery.