9 Crazy Laws That Only Exist In North Korea

9. 100% vote rate

It is illegal not to vote in North Korea. Therefore, everybody does. Every 5 years, the presidential elections are held, but no opposition can ever win.

8. Permission to live in the capital

You cannot freely move around the country. If you want to live in the capital, you’ll need to ask for permission with a formal letter to the government and be found worthy.

7. Restriction on capitalistic products

All types of products deemed to be capitalistic in style or production are forbidden, from personal hygiene items to clothing and food.

6. Must-watch law

North Korea has 3 TV stations, and they are all government controlled. Also, you are obliged to watch them so you know the current state of politics and the country’s development.

5. It’s the year 106 in North Korea.

North Korea uses the Juche calendar (Juche, meaning "self-reliance," is the official ideology). Year one is 1912, when Kim Il-sung was born.

4. 3 generations of punishment

If one person breaks the law, his children and parents will also be punished.

3. Approved haircuts only

Fancy a new haircut? Try picking one from 28 state-approved styles. Those are the only ones allowed.

2. Owning a Bible is illegal.

The Big Book is not only forbidden but owning it is punishable.

1. Being a foreigner

North Korean laws about visitors and immigrants of the country are so vague that you can be taken into custody for being a foreigner at any moment.