9 Photos That Prove Selena Gomez And Yoga Pants Are A Match Made In Heaven

Whatever we’re pairing them with, yoga pants are the trend that has turned from workout gear to wardrobe staple.

Selena Gomez has been the poster child for yoga pants ever since she first stepped into the public spotlight many years ago. In fact, she might be responsible for single-handedly saving the leggings and yoga pants industry. From modeling for Adidas to collaborating with Puma, she can’t seem to get enough of these comfy, stretchy pants. And we don’t blame her! There’s something about yoga pants that just lets us breathe easier. Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t cut into our tummies or need specialty belts to look good. Or, maybe it’s because you can dress them up and dress them down, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whatever you’re pairing them with, yoga pants are the trend that has turned from workout gear to wardrobe staple. If you’re looking for ways to style your yoga pants, or if you’re just wondering about how the elite stars pull them off so effortlessly, look no further. Selena Gomez is here to show you what’s what. Not only is she a yoga pants connoisseur, but she’s also smart, witty, and happy to help you with anything you need. Let her guide you through your yoga pants exploration by checking out these amazing pictures of her killing the yoga pant game!

9. Selena Gomez Has Been Rocking Yoga Pants Since Day One

Selena Gomez Has Been Rocking Yoga Pants Since Day One

Ever since she started appearing in photos and media, Selena Gomez has had no shame about rocking yoga pants. And we don’t blame her! If we had the confidence that Selena Gomez has we’d be excited about sliding into some yoga pants too. Her leggings have always seemed to fit perfectly, without any pulling, tugging, tearing, or bunching in awkward places. It’s like she was made for the yoga pants (or maybe the yoga pants were made for her)! While her style has changed since the early days, you can see that she’s still retained her love of that relaxed fashion feature. Rightfully so as well! After all, such a hardworking woman deserves to take it easy sometimes. And her super fashionable style hasn’t taken any hits despite her commitment to her yoga pants.

8. She's Never Lost That Disney Smile

She's Never Lost That Disney Smile

No matter how grown up she gets, she always has this beautiful, youthful glow. Her face lights up when she’s looking at something (or someone) she loves, and it’s impossible to fault her for being stern or grimacing; she’s almost always smiling! Maybe this is a holdover from her Disney days. We know that Selena Gomez garnered a massive fanbase working on shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, but how did she actually get started? It might be a surprise to you to hear that she had her first role on Barney and Friends. Yes, childhood dreams did become a reality for Selena Gomez, who started working in the TV industry at a very young age. It wasn’t a detriment though, as she’s aged gracefully and kept that glowing smile.

7. Her Career Has Gotten Even Bigger As She's Grown Up

Her Career Has Gotten Even Bigger As She's Grown Up

Nowadays, her career falls more into the realm of superstar singer than award-winning actress, but that doesn’t mean she’s favoring one over the other. She’s just showing off her many, multifaceted talents and following every dream she has. She’s always been a dreamer and has always worked towards her ultimate goals (even if they change). What’s her secret? Well, we believe that her huge heart and self-confidence go a long way. It’s no shock that she’s loving herself amidst so many different life changes, and it shows. Her career is definitely not taking a hit, as she’s branched out into many different avenues to ensure she’s always working. But the most surprising part? She always makes the time to hit the gym and looks awesome in any workout gear she wears.

6. Her Style Has Definitely Improved

Her Style Has Definitely Improved

It’s due to those grown-up career endeavors that we’ve seen her blossom out of the Disney world and into the realm of real acting, modeling, and singing gigs. Like so many Family Channel stars before her, she’s breaking away from that young image and is maturing. This is especially true when we see her style. While the young Selena Gomez would have walked out in a Sears brand sweater and Uggs, the older and more refined Selena Gomez is rocking a slouchy jean jacket, cool sunglasses, a fancy bag, and slick shoes to top the ensemble off. This classic and casual look is proof that she’s ready for the new phase of her career and is excited to become a style icon for all yoga pants lovers out there.

5. And It Seems Like She Can Pull Off ANYTHING!

It Seems Like She Can Pull Off ANYTHING!

It’s not just the slouchy styles that look good on her, though. Even the much contested white leggings are able to be pulled off by the beautiful Selena Gomez. Her confidence is through the roof, and she’s happy to be soaking up the sun in her gorgeous white yoga pants. While most people worry about everything from coffee to leaking when they’re wearing white pants, Gomez has no fear. She’s just happy to be out and about! Pairing them with this fashionable blue button up gives us '50s vibes, making her leggings look like classic pedal pushers. It’s more proof that she doesn’t like to limit herself to one style and instead is happy to experiment and play with the things that accentuate her…which these yoga pants definitely do.

4. Selena Gomez Has Elevated The Yoga Pant To Outfit Essential

Selena Gomez Has Elevated The Yoga Pant To Outfit Essential

It’s not just the longline yoga pants that she can rock, though. These shorter length ones are just as fashionable as her full leg ones, and she’s proving time and time again that yoga pants are indeed an outfit essential. Even if you yourself don’t subscribe to the fact that yoga pants are an outfit essential, you can’t deny the fact that Selena Gomez makes a very convincing argument that they are. She’s shown us that no matter what you want to pair them with, the yoga pants will look good. Even when she’s not going to the gym, the yoga pants still accentuate curves, show off some calves, and highlight her long, long legs. If you don’t think you can rock yoga pants, think again. Play with the length of your leggings to see how they can become outfit essentials for you, too.

3. She's Also The Overall Spokesmodel For Stylish Yoga Pants

She's Also The Overall Spokesmodel For Stylish Yoga Pants

You might not know that Selena Gomez has agreements with various activewear companies to show off their awesome brands. One of the top ones she’s with is Adidas, though lately she’s also seen in Puma branded stuff more often than not. Either way, those leggings are looking awesome. Her model streak has really come out lately, which is proof that she’s got many more tricks up her sleeve than just being the Disney star she originated as. We think that there’s a lot of beauty in this photoshoot, as well as the fact that she’s showing off the brand incredibly well too. They chose the best person for the job by picking Selena Gomez, and we love the fact that she’s embracing her new status as yoga pant goddess.

2. As Well As The High Fashion Ones

As Well As The High Fashion Ones

While this might not be the most flattering position for her to be photographed in, it’s definitely one of the best photos to prove that she’s not only working those workout yoga pants, but she’s also loving the high fashion ones. By pairing the leggings with a compact, everyday purse and a cozy but chic sweater she’s proving to everyone that yoga pants are high fashion. It’s just more proof that she was made for them! Paparazzi can’t question the fact that she looks good, despite the fact many of them think leggings aren’t real everyday pants. We say “pfft” to that, and know that Selena Gomez is the one who’s right in this scenario. Yoga pants are not just for the gym; they’re for anyone who wants to show off some curves and embrace their body.

1. She's Not Only Fashionable, Though... She's Super Smart Too

She's Not Only Fashionable, Though... She's Super Smart Too

Okay, we’ve said enough about how perfectly paired those yoga pants are with Selena Gomez’s style. What haven’t we talked about? How smart she must be to not care what other people think. Not only is she intelligent in the way that she knows how to build a career, she’s also incredibly smart emotionally. After having a health scare (and eventually being diagnosed with lupus and receiving a kidney transplant), she decided to take a break from social media and spend some time just focusing on herself. After being involved in project after project in the movie industry, she eventually stepped back to not only work on her music but also to revive her health. She needed the break, and we definitely agree that she’s much better for it now.