9 Warning Signs You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted!

In our speeding life, we get tired sometimes. We can’t control everything that happens in our lives and in this unpredictability, we go through a lot of stress which affects both our physical and mental health.

A lot of us get mentally and emotionally exhausted owing to the stress which results in a quite a number unhealthy symptoms within us which disrupt our normal flow of life affecting our productivity and our relationships.

No matter how many challenges are there in front of us, it is important for us to understand when our body and mind need rest. All of us have our limits and they are not the same. If your body and mind can’t take it, the best way to heal is take some time off and rest.

If you see these 9 signs in yourself, then it’s a sign that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted and need a rest:

1. You get irritated very quickly

You are getting affected by smallest of things lately. You find negativity all around you and any minute negativity irks you. You lose your temper easily. You feel there’s no hope left in this world anymore.

Sit back and relax. Take deep breaths. These feelings are terrible but you need to come out of them. Give yourself a break from all the stress.

2. You are always running late

Somehow, you seem to run out of time. You don’t even have time for yourself anymore.

Just pause for sometime. Go out for a spa, have a good massage, pamper yourself. Spend a day shopping those dresses you have been planning to buy or those accessories you have been wanting to own. It’s good to treat oneself at times.

3. You are always feeling low and lack motivation in your life

You always feel that something bad is going to happen. You have lost faith in life and there’s nothing that can motivate you to move on. Yes, life can be really harsh at times but think of storms! When storms leave, we have a beautiful rain-kissed morning smelling of fresh flowers and wet earth.

Just have faith in life. If things aren’t working out well enough for you, don’t push yourself. Rest and gain the energy. Think positive.

4. You can’t sleep properly

Nights are harder than usual. You don’t get good sleep no matter how tired you are. It’s because of the stress you are going through. A good night’s sleep is essential.

Meditate before you sleep. Have positive thoughts before going to bed. Don’t over-think. You need at least 6-8 hours of proper sleep to feel good, mentally and physically.

5. You feel nausea and lethargic

The lethargic feeling, feeling of nausea and dizziness are signs that you need rest and it should be your primary priority. These things happen because you are so stressed out that your body can’t take it anymore and is suffering a break-down.

6. You find yourself running away from responsibilities

You do not wish to take responsibilities anymore. You feel there’s an enormous burden on you and you can’t take it anymore.

It’s okay to avoid responsibilities sometimes but it creates negative impact if it’s practiced as a long-term basis. Too much of stress instigates your mind to shut down and hence you tend to avoid responsibilities. Take a break and recharge yourself. You’ll be fit and fine.

7. You sense a kind of detachment

You don’t feel you are attached to anyone or anything anymore. Nothing affects you. You don’t feel good or bad. It’s like you are just a body without any emotion.

Let go of the pain. Just step aside and give time to yourself.

8. You experience fits of anxiety quite often

You get worried unnecessarily. You are anxious at slightest of things.

Yes, this is painful. You don’t need to take all the stress. Just don’t let these negative thoughts give you trouble.

9. You cry for no reason at all

You just feel like crying…most of the times, without any valid reason. It’s because of the pain you have within yourself. You are just too exhausted mentally to bear these things anymore.

This phase will pass soon. Just give yourself a break and do things you love or you have been wanting to do for long. Working in this condition will not be fruitful. Don’t let negativity overshadow you. Self-love is what you need most at this time.