90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

If you were to travel, where would you like to go?

Different people will have different answers, but those who like to travel, their hearts must be yearning for the scenic spots around the world.

However, real life always has so many helplessness, work responsibilities, the burden of life, or even the family elders obstruction, so many aspire to "poetry and distant places" of the romantics have to be discouraged.

There is such a young man, calling himself the Flying Man @ Flying Man's poor life, he does not have so many worries, only with a young man's enthusiasm and love of self-drive, drive a low price to buy and hand "armed" van, take his wife eight years older, they began a trip around China.

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

Flyers: I am all the time eager to grow up

Flying Man, a native of Hebei, was born in a poor mountain village in Langfang area in 1993.

He had a sad and unfortunate childhood, his parents divorced when he was very young, and then both went out to work, leaving the young flyer to live with his grandparents.

Because of this, Peter Pan grew up sensitive and suspicious, whenever he saw other children gathered together to play, he would wonder if they were talking about themselves, if they were calling themselves fatherless and motherless wild children.

He also always participated alone in the family activities organized at school. Over time, everyone disdained him and even wondered if he had any defects that made him abandoned by his own parents.

The good thing is that although life is very poor, his grandparents have always been very good to him, never let him suffer a little bit of aggression, and will not ask him to do labor that is beyond his ability.

The love of his grandparents was the only solace of his childhood, but in the end, it could not fill the lack of parental love, and not a day went by that Peter Pan did not look forward to growing up and leaving this place where he was treated with disdain.

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

It was only when Speedy was 12 years old that his mother brought him around to take care of him. At that time, Peter Pan had also thought that his hard life had finally come to an end, but the reality was cruel and he suffered an even bigger blow.

The world outside is more colorful than the countryside, and many novelties attract the flyer. He looks at his peers who seem to have everything in their new environment, and feels even more uncomfortable in his heart.

And with the arrival of adolescence, the flyer's character also breeds a rebellious side. After his requests are repeatedly rejected by his mother, the angry man takes a lot of radical confrontation, stirring up the new family.

In addition, he already had a grudge against his mother, and often did not return home at night in anger, and ran to the park or Internet cafes to spend the night.

At that time, the flyer was not as ignorant as when he was in the countryside, the ideas in his heart became more and more, and he also had many aspirations.

However, he was still naive after all, and due to his addiction to the internet, his desire at that time was nothing more than to get some cool virtual clothes.

In that era of non-mainstream, kill the horse, burial family popular, like to play the show-off game of the flyer, also dressed up in strange clothes, look thunderous, which is also a kind of catharsis of his dissatisfaction with reality.

Flyboy was also known for his rebelliousness and wildness at school, and his academic performance was naturally predictable.

Poor travel: with 1600 yuan to set off, Wuling Hongguang became my "home"

At the age of 18, the flyer dropped out of school, an event that seemed to come naturally to him.

His unfortunate childhood and low self-esteem caused him to be a maverick in his adolescence, and when he grew up, this behavioral trait became a thunderous style of action, which eventually led directly to his crazy action of traveling the country.

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

In 2015, Speedy met his now wife, Three Bottles (as he calls himself), and until June 2020, their lives were not much different than other young people in society.

At that time, the flyer just contacted the self media under the guidance of friends, only from time to time to shoot some short videos, or occasionally open live interaction with people, to say the least, also mediocre.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the flyer and the three bottles were both unemployed, and it was not easy to find work again, so they planned to take the money available to go on a poor trip to Tibet, thinking that they could see the scenery along the way to take a break.

But they don't want to enroll in a travel agency and tour group together.

It is said that the best way to fulfill the "Tibetan dream" is to go on foot, and if not, to take a self-drive tour, which is a sentiment.

The two of them had to choose a self-drive tour.

The problem is that although the flyer is nearly 30 years old, he does not yet have his own private car, and the family of three bottles is not rich. But how can you go on a driving tour without a car?

Both of them think of renting a car, but driving to Tibet is a long way away, the road is bumpy and rugged, a good car rented inevitably not to drive badly, when it comes to lose how much money is impossible to say.

So think, the two flyers discuss or sell a used car for good. After all, it is still their own car to drive comfortable, do not have to be afraid of this and that, and also can be properly modified, and the bed, and cabinets, put living supplies.

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

Flying Man and three bottles after several twists and turns to buy a seven-seat Wuling Hongguang S, and then began to modify.

They first measured and ordered bed boards, headboards, cabinets, and small tables, and then installed them on the car.

The car's rear and middle row seats can be put down to put on the bed board; the cupboard and bedside table can just be stacked in the trunk position; the small table is placed between the middle row seats and the head row seats, and the space under the table can also put a lot of things.

They also put blinds on the windows of the left and right rear three sides, and then reinforced the crossbar of the luggage rack, and finally stuffed the miscellaneous household goods into the car, the simple caravan is "armed" completed.

After Flyman and Three Bottles prepared everything they could, the money left on them was just under $1,600. Honestly, with this amount of money to travel how far can go? They have no bottom in their own hearts.

On July 5, 2020, the flyer and the three bottles still set off without a second thought.

As the southern region was under heavy flooding at that time, they had to divert to the north and make a detour from Inner Mongolia before going to Tibet.

It's just a pity that the weather was bad that day, plus the traffic jam halfway through the day, and the two Flyers had a hard time finding a campsite to rest in. At midnight, the two of them simply ate something from the car and made their beds to rest. This is also their first time to sleep in the car.

Because of the rain at night, sleeping in the car at night is still quite cool, but after all, it is the height of summer, the next day when the sun shows its head, the car is too sunny, the blinds can not stop. The Flying Man couple had to get up early and get ready to go.

Over the next few days, there was heavy rain and occasional hail along the way. And the more north to drive the greater the temperature difference between day and night, 30 degrees during the day, down to zero at night, they slept in the car shivering with cold.

The good thing is that they didn't have to drive long before they reached the Ulan Buttong grassland in Inner Mongolia and saw the unique yurt village here, which is considered the first memorable scenery they saw after the start of their poor travel trip.

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

Journey: finally fulfilled the "Tibetan dream"

I do not know when you used to watch the "Pearl", there is no longing for the little swallow their escape life: a few people set up a carriage ride, all the way around the scenery, selling art to earn a living, living in a deserted temple, stealing persimmons, experiencing a variety of extraordinary things.

The same is true for self-drive tours, as long as you set out, there will be a lot of scenery waiting for you to enjoy along the way; there will also be a lot of things, good or bad, waiting for you to experience.

No matter what, the memories of this journey will surely last you a lifetime.

The Flying Man and the three bottles originally intended to challenge the three months not to stay in hotels and restaurants, but the hardships of the self-drive tour exceeded their imagination, either wet or broken car, and more sometimes by bored people punctured tires, so the challenge soon ended in failure.

And in order to photograph the beautiful scenery, the flyers brought a drone with them, in addition to a camping tent, a bathing tent, solar charging panels and mobile power, all of which are necessary for a self-drive tour.

Because the destination is Tibet, the night is very cold, the two also brought sleeping bags; is the car refrigerator does not come in handy, the northern sky is cold, they also do not need to drink cold drinks.

And the complete set of living utensils makes it possible for them to live on $30 for a single day, just to solve the problem of food and drink.

After Inner Mongolia, the flyer and they came to the Ningxia.

Here, they ate special cold skin, fried lamb and saw the Yellow River in Yinchuan.

Next stop to Gansu. They first stayed in Lanzhou for a week before setting off towards Xining for Qinghai Lake.

By the time they reached Qinghai Lake, the two flyers counted that they had driven more than 4,000 kilometers from Tianjin to here. Then calculate the cost: more than 1,000 yuan for gas, more than 3,000 yuan for national highway tolls, more than 600 yuan for phone and car maintenance, more than 1,000 yuan for food and lodging, a total of less than 6,000 yuan.

But the experiences and insights along the way are measured in money.

One might ask, didn't the Flyers initially have less than $1600 left?

In fact, from the start they have been doing travel broadcasting online, and it is by the support of netizens and borrowing money from relatives and friends they can persist until now.

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

And self-driving tours are actually quite dangerous, especially before going to uninhabited areas or plateau areas must be well prepared.

One day, the two flyers in the Chaika Salt Lake from the road to Dachaidan Emerald Lake on the sudden emergence of hypoxic reaction. The two people gradually felt numbness in their legs, weakness, dullness, which is undoubtedly fatal to driving. They had to stop the car on the side of the road first, and then continue to set off when they get over it.

Later, they followed the Qinghai-Tibet Route 109 into Tibet, and met a sandstorm in Golmud, the wind and sand, visibility is extremely low, driving is very dangerous.

After entering the Cocoanut area, the altitude continued to rise, three bottles took the lead in the plateau reaction, nosebleeds flowing non-stop, insufficient oxygen supply to the head, dizziness. Fortunately, the flyer's situation is not so bad, or two people a car non-stacked in the halfway inevitable.

In the Tanggula Pass and more than a hundred kilometers away, the flyer and the three bottles and met a large car rollover accident, resulting in road blockage, trapped for a whole day.

And after going over the Tanggula Mountain, which is more than 6,000 meters above sea level, the two flyers finally reached the territory of Tibet.

Blue sky, white clouds, snowy mountains, grass, yaks, groundhog holes, everything presented in front of their eyes is so fresh and natural, picturesque.

Here, there is no urban hustle and bustle, no industrial pollution, and no busy traffic, there is only peace and quiet.

On August 17, 2020, the Flying Man and the three bottles took one and a half months to cross the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, passing through Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, a total of more than 8,000 kilometers, and finally arrived at the destination of the trip, the holy land to which countless young people aspire - Lhasa, the Potala Palace!

They have finally fulfilled their "Tibetan dream".

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

Unfortunately, the drive didn't bring many fans to the Flyers, and the number of people following them remains low.

However, traveling around the country is their dream and self-driving is their hobby, so they don't stop there.

And, this dream trip to Tibet also let them like this "two people and a car" life, the car is home, home is car, they have this hand-made "tool", they can always say go on a trip.

Later, although the Flyers also became popular travel bloggers, the car remained with them as a companion, and the three continued their story of "wandering the world" ......

90-year-old guy, with a car as his home, and his wife 8 years older after the dream of Tibet, continue to caravan life

Whether you have long been tired of dealing with the busy life and complex relationships, read this story may also be a crazy one, a trip to say go.

Or take advantage of the weekend's leisure, go to the nearby park to walk, sunshine, temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of society, may also be able to make your long depressed mind enlightened.