'It's The First Thing I Noticed': Can You Spot Why This Bag Of Cucumbers Is Causing Outrage?

Can You Spot Why This Bag Of Cucumbers Is Causing Outrage?

A trip to your local supermarket's fruit and vegetable aisle doesn't usually give anyone much cause for concern.

While the price of mangoes coming into summer might leave a few people frustrated - or the lack of ripe avocados - it's not altogether an unpleasant experience.

But one Queensland woman has found a plausible reason to be confused by her favourite grocery store IGA, sharing the reason why to a food stockpiling Facebook group.


Can You Spot Why This Bag Of Cucumbers Is Causing Outrage?

She had purchased a bag of cucumbers, which were covered in plastic, and were emblazoned with the words 'Housewives delight: Wrapped for your protection' on it.

The strange saying - which many took to be a sexual euphemism - saw commenters in the group express feelings of surprise and concern.

'Are you serious?' one person questioned of the bold choice of phrase.

'Am I the only one whose mind went straight into the gutter?' another added for good measure.

A third woman queried: 'WTF? Can you still buy it if you're not a housewife...'.

Interestingly though this wasn't the only reason people on social media were outraged by the offensive material.

Someone rightly pointed out that while the bag of cucumbers were wrapped in one layer of plastic, each individual piece of fruit was also coated in a totally separate wrapping of the same material.

'It's wrapped in toxic chemicals that destroy the planet. Nothing is being kept safe here,' one woman said.

'All that plastic is horrendous,' another said, with a third adding it was 'the first thing I noticed'.

'Am I the only one that's cringing about it being plastic wrapped cucumbers then packed in a plastic bag?' the outcries continued.

The cucumbers were packed in Bundaberg, on the south-east coast of Queensland, and are labelled as 'not containing any harmful chemicals'.