A Guide to Packing the Perfect Travel Wardrobe

A Guide to Packing the Perfect Travel Wardrobe

When you book a holiday, the first thing that many people do is rush to the shops to buy extra clothes and travel ‘essentials’. However, it is likely that you will end up panic buying clothes that are not suitable, uncomfortable, or that you will never wear again. With this guide, you will be able to pack the perfect travel wardrobe for your holiday.

Invest in Weather Suitable Clothing

One of the most important considerations that you should think about when you go on holiday is what the weather will be like and whether your clothing is suitable for that weather. For instance, If the weather is going to be cold, you should ensure that you are able to stay warm in a season which may be colder than in your own country. You can do this by investing in a high-quality coat from retailers such as, who have a wide selection of women’s peacoats and duffle coats that can keep you warm, insulated and comfortable no matter the temperature outside. However, if you are visiting a hot country, you should remember to pack essential travel accessories such as a sun hat, linen, or cotton clothing to stay cool, and sandals or beach footwear.

Think Comfort

You should also think about your comfort when on holiday. You will most likely be more active than usual on holiday, and this can cause discomfort if you do not choose the right clothing. Wearing clothing that you already own and know is comfortable can be the best option when it comes to this, but if you need to buy new clothes, you should opt for loose or baggy clothing that will not restrict your movement and which can keep you cool. You should also sure that you break new shoes in before you take them abroad, as these can cause problems if you walk long distances whilst you are away.

Wear Multi-Wear Clothing

Investing in clothing that can be worn multiple ways is a great way to minimize the amount of clothing in your wardrobe as this means that you can wear pieces of clothing no matter what the weather. To do this, you should make sure that all of your clothing matches and that it is all suitable for every type of weather or activity. You may also want to invest in clothing in neutral colors as this will match more of the rest of your wardrobe and will mean that you need to pack less selection when it comes to your outfits as all pieces will work seamlessly together. This will also help you when thinking about the size of your suitcase, as when you go abroad, you will only have a limited amount of luggage space available to you.

Holidays and travel should be fun, and wearing the right clothing can help you with this. Not only should you be dressed for the weather, but you should ensure that you have a feel-good, comfortable wardrobe so that you can focus on enjoying your holiday rather than worrying about what to wear.