A huge influx of Russian tourists into China, and they're not even doing it for tourism? Is there a conspiracy?

A large number of Russian tourists poured into our country, and surprisingly, their purpose was not tourism, but to run to him.

A huge influx of Russian tourists into China, and they're not even doing it for tourism? Is there a conspiracy?

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Recently, a large number of Russian tourists came into our country, and their destination is not for pleasure, but for another purpose? Is it possible that they are conspiring to do something else? Here I will answer your questions.

With the development of science and technology, the global economy is getting better and better, and the interaction between countries is getting closer and closer, especially since the reform and opening up of our country has undergone radical changes, whether it is the economy or science and technology, there has been a qualitative leap, which makes a lot of countries want to cooperate with us for development.

China and Russia are neighbors, and the two countries have been very close, both before liberation and now, when they are developing rapidly.

With the continuous development of tourism, the interaction between Russian and Chinese people is becoming more and more frequent, and friendship is heating up, for example, there are more and more cases of intermarriage between Russian and Chinese young men and women! Every year, many Chinese tourists choose to visit Russia, and the history, culture and tourist attractions of China attract many Russian tourists.

These years ah a lot of national people found such a problem!

A huge influx of Russian tourists into China, and they're not even doing it for tourism? Is there a conspiracy?

These Russian tourists, they come to our China not for tourism? Instead, they come for "him"? And who is this "he"? Like us, help us, and thank you for your support.

In fact, to be exact, there are some Russian tourists who come to China not only to experience the local customs of China, to visit the great rivers and mountains of China, but they also have an important purpose, which is to run him, and, this he is our Chinese wine.

Is this result a surprise to everyone?

As we all know, Russia's high latitude, which also contributed to the temperature of their living environment is relatively low, and in order to get more heat, the Russians will eat some high-calorie food and drinking spirits, and our Chinese liquor is particularly famous, these Russian tourists, ah, naturally will not give up the opportunity to taste liquor, for the Chinese beer it is also fond of, very much love. So ah these Russian tourists to China, in fact, the real purpose is not to come to tourism, drinking is their real purpose.

And there are some Russians, who want to develop and settle in China.

Why did they choose to be in China, you may ask? In fact, yeah there are four reasons, this first ah, they want to do business in China, our country is an inclusive country, no matter what to do is easier than any other country! At least here is not as complicated as Russia, China bureaucratic problems are not as serious as Russia. This point is also valued by the Russians.

This second, the sense of security.

Not I blow, the whole world, China is a very safe country, whether for the people or foreigners. This also attracted a lot of foreigners, choose to do business in our China to live another reason it.

This third one is that the Chinese never discriminate against business people.

A huge influx of Russian tourists into China, and they're not even doing it for tourism? Is there a conspiracy?

And in Russia, discrimination against business people is quite serious, and young people do not want to run their own business, they want to enter politics.

This fourth ah, the issue of housing prices.

Blagoveshchensk, Russia, is a neighbor to Heihe, China, and the distance between the two cities is only a few hundred meters, but the price of housing is very different, the price of housing in Heihe is not low in China, but compared to this Blagoveshchensk, the price of housing is much cheaper. This has prompted many Russians to choose to buy houses, live and spend in Heihe. Because ah, the same money consumption in our city of Heihe, can reach the well-off level, while in their country, to be more limited!

This also gives rise to a strange phenomenon, they sell their big houses in their own countries to buy houses in our China, and then do business and live, in addition to the most important point, that is, the friendly attitude of the Chinese people to Russia, from ancient times, the Chinese people are warm and hospitable? Whether it is between neighbors or treating guests from afar, Russians living here know it well.

The Russian tourists who come to China are also interested in all the excellence of our country and have another purpose when they come to visit. Tell me in the comments section. I hope that you will support us, and I hope that you will like the comments and forward them.

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