A Model Jumped Out Of The Window Trying To Save Her Life

A model from Russia jumped out of the window in Dubai, trying to save her life from a rapist. The girl's mother reported that her daughter was taken into custody. It turns out that the man filed a counterclaim, in which he accuses Catherine that she put his life in danger.

22-year-old Stetsyuk Ekaterina was invited to shoot in Dubai. In the hotel, she was attacked. The attackers turned out to be a man to whom the girl refused to be intimate. To escape from it, Catherine had to jump from the window of the 6th floor. As a result of the fall, she injured her spine and was taken to the hospital.

"They want to blame the girl for everything!"

Catherine's mother says that her daughter is threatened with imprisonment. According to her, from the hospital the girl was taken to the police.

The incident occurred on March 3. The foreigner attacked Katya, putting the knife to her throat. To avoid danger, the girl jumped from the 6th floor. Now she can not move. As a result of the fall, Stetsyuk suffered many serious injuries. Once the girl managed to get in touch, and she reported that she was being transported to the prison cell.

Vice-consul in Dubai Ivan Gubanov said that the girl left the hospital and is now waiting for the end of the investigation.

Catherine's mother sounded the alarm on March 6. Then she announced the loss of her daughter in 1995 in Dubai.

Employees of the consulate general found the girl in the hospital, where she talked with diplomats, she told that she arrived in the UAE in the middle of February to participate in the photo session.

On the night of March 3, Stetsyuk and her acquaintance quarreled. As a result of the quarrel, a man who was in a state of intoxication attempted to stab it.

The police detained the man. Now the girl is forbidden to leave the country until the circumstances become clear.

The girl's lawyer says that her finding is unknown, but most likely, she is taken into custody.