A Strange Creature Captured In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

albino shark

This strange species is nothing more and less than an albino shark.

Thanks to technological progress, we live in an era in which we can access all kinds of information and know every corner of the world with the exception of the oceans. According to experts, only 5% of the oceans have been explored, despite the fact that the Earth is covered by 71% of water, we are practically deprived of the information stored by the seas, this including the species that inhabit it and it is not strange that the world is surprised every time an unknown species is trapped, a clear example of this is the albino shark that was caught on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

albino shark

This strange specimen with the appearance of a shark and bloated body, was captured by a local fisherman named Jaime Rendón , who was amazed by its unknown appearance and not being a creature never seen before, at least for him, decided to release it after taking some photographs as evidence.

During a local media interview, the man who captured the strange animal said that he was surprised to see the strange shark, since it is very different from any other he has seen in his life, its skin was rough and scratchy, with large eyes as if it were an alien, it was about five feet tall and had a pinkish white color . Jaime decided to free the shark since it is a very strange species and it was best to let it live.

After capturing that shark, he took several photographs and left it free. These photographs were sent to the Piscis Sports Fishing Fleet and later they were published on his Facebook page, which generated endless opinions. Some experts thought it was a kind of albino shark.

albino shark

As seen in the photographs, the animal looks very strange, big eyes but nothing like any other shark, small fins, an inflamed stomach, a semicircular mouth and a pinkish white color, as if it were from another planet.

This is a clear example of how much the human being still does not know. Fortunately, because being the most dangerous plague that is killing everything on the Earth, it is better that certain creatures remain unknown to him, thus ensuring his survival .

What did you think of this creature? What do you think about its appearance and the comparison with an "alienigena"?

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