A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining

In the daily life of ordinary people, when it comes to money issues, there are so many places that require a battle of wits.

Clothing, food, housing and transport, a little inattentive, will step on the pit, so we see a variety of shopping strategy, travel strategy, food strategy, accommodation strategy, but sometimes these strategies themselves are a pit, the thief cried out to catch a thief.

When buying clothes or shoes, a spell and a treasure exactly the same style, the price can be double, or even the same platform, the price of different businesses are not the same, and so you pay the order, will always pop up a cheaper than you shop for a similar style or the same thing, you click in to take a look, the comments are better, this time you return is not to return the goods?

A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining

Yesterday, my neighbor told me about something that happened when he was riding in a hitchhiker, which revealed that riding in a hitchhiker is also extremely delicate.

The neighbor plans to travel from Guangzhou to Huizhou tomorrow morning at 9:30 to do something, and to bring something and not very convenient to drive, so he looked at the travel information, but only by high-speed rail, take a bus or taxi these three options.

Take the high-speed rail, from his home, you need to take a car to Guangzhou South, take the subway is not convenient, take a taxi to Guangzhou South, to close to 40 minutes, 55 yuan, and then Guangzhou South to Huizhou South about 100 yuan, Huizhou South and then take a taxi to the office, because Huizhou South is far from downtown Huizhou, driving to about 40 minutes, 120 yuan, so the overall cost is calculated, a one-way trip took 4 hours, the cost of 275 yuan, round-trip words close to 550 yuan.

By bus, also from his home, first to the passenger terminal in Guangzhou, then to the Huizhou bus terminal, and then a taxi to the office, the overall cost of about 150 yuan, but took close to five hours.

Take a taxi, hit the fast car or special car is certainly not possible, now the epidemic is bad for everyone, can save.

Then it's time to take a ride.

A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining

The original intention was to let people go along to the same or nearby destinations and share the cost of gas and highway tolls, which is good for everyone.

The conditions for the rise of the car is the popularity of the car, the convenience of transportation networks and the development of network information, both to have enough cars, we travel more, people fully mobile, but also to have the reason for the development of the four passages, to go to where it is convenient, more to have a safe and fair and smooth platform for information sharing, we can rest assured that convenient transactions.

Neighbors calculated that the ride from the starting point directly to the end of the normal, one-way cost 110 yuan, about 2 hours is sufficient, on the convenience and economic degree, certainly more cost-effective than taking the high-speed rail and bus, security is certainly not so high, but the overall or the most appropriate cost performance.

So he posted a trip in a drop at eight o'clock that night, just in case, and also posted one in a ha, and the result was that a ha was actually picked up in seconds, and a drop hadn't moved.

Long night, of course, the neighbor is not in a hurry, he still wants to wait for a certain drop, after all, relatively speaking, this platform is larger, the security will be higher, although the price is expensive ten or so.

But a certain ha does not allow him not to rush, the driver repeatedly sent messages to call him to determine the order and prepay, or the driver will cancel.

A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining

The neighbors are circling around, trying to drag a certain ha while anxiously waiting for a certain drop.

By 10:00 p.m., a drop finally picked up a single, take a look, and found that the driver took this road more than 800 times, rating 4.3 points, evaluation written "unknown person in the car", "poor condition of the car", "late ".

The neighbor didn't think it was very reliable, so he refused, and then came another one that was almost the same, and refused again.

I felt that the quality of this certain drop was not high, so I clicked on the order of a certain ha and confirmed the information with the driver.

A ha order shows that the driver in addition to him, and spell the other two, the neighbor looked at the three passengers, it is quite reasonable, the driver also want to make money, understand understand.

But you can't add more people, right? Neighbors specifically asked the driver if they would add more people. Neighbors are also in a hurry.

The driver was anxious and said he could pick up another one for sure.

Neighbors say that is too crowded, right? If a strong man comes up, how can you sit down?

The driver said it was too crowded to get a comfort carpool, a little more expensive, no big deal.

Neighbors said look at it, maybe just the four of us, more I do not want to sit.

The driver has read not back.

By eleven o'clock at night, the neighbor was uneasy and looked at the order again, and a civilized phrase came out of his mouth.

The order has been cancelled by the driver!

A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining

At this point, I'm afraid it's not that easy to find some more order takers.

Try Comfort Spell.

Neighbors placed an order, more expensive than half of the carpool, only one person, but the driver can bring relatives, which is also empty, who knows whether to bring real relatives or fake relatives.

Just after the order was picked up, ding a message over, the driver said you this a spell single who will go ah, I still have to pick up two more people.

Neighbors say I am comfortable spelling, pick up two people how comfortable it is?

The driver said, I'll pick you up last, leave a seat for you in front and be the first to send you, comfortable enough, right?

Neighbors think about it, it seems to make sense, it really does not affect him, but always feel that something is not right.

More accurate sales ah, you see the front of the co-driver are able to raise the price alone, but this price is too far away, he decided to press the price.

Neighbors said you pick up two more people, earn too much, I have to pay more, which is certainly unreasonable, or I cancel to get a general collocation, you pick up the order again, I still sit in front, there is no impact on you.

The driver seconds back, that is too much trouble, so, I give you back 30 yuan, almost, do not charge you highway toll, other passengers I am sure to charge them.

The neighbor thought it was about time, so he agreed and slept unusually soundly at night.
At the appointed time, the driver arrived as promised, the neighbors went downstairs and got in, only to find a beautiful woman sitting in front of them, but two strong men sitting behind them, almost filling the back row.

A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining

Neighbors on the spot, said I sit in front of the good, now this how to sit well? Human barbecue pork buns are not so whole ah!

The driver had a hypocritical smile, and even said a few words of apology, saying that we are all civilized people, but also can not bear to let the beauty and the two men squeeze it, and then I drive faster, soon you can get off.

Neighbors at this time it is impossible to re-appoint a car or change to other transportation, it is also impossible to force the beauty to sit in the back, people will not be happy, only silent car.

The driver apologized and came up to collect the highway toll from the other three and then refunded the neighbor 30 yuan.

The neighbor felt as if there was no loss, but he always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't figure it out.

Neighbors in the back row was squeezed into a meat pie, watching the driver lewdly flirting with the passenger side of the beautiful girl chatting with WeChat, the inner greeting of the driver a million times, go to his grandfather's comfortable spell!

What's even better is that a strong man finally got off midway, the neighbors were able to catch their breath, and the result was that not even ten minutes later, the driver seamlessly picked up another person.

So, the neighbor squeezed all the way to the beauty off, he just sat in the passenger seat relieved, the driver also did not forget to please, you see finally sit in this position!

The neighbor was speechless and arrived half an hour late.

One step wrong, the neighbors did not do well that day, the return trip is also four passengers crowded people.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, why let these people speculate!

So launched a complaint on a ha, the results of an operation down, the platform verified that the driver in the morning there is indeed a violation of the spell, refunded the neighbors comfortably spell the fee more, only charged according to the cost of carpooling.

Now the neighbor is happy, the driver refunded 30 yuan, and the platform refunded 40 yuan, so the trip only cost 40 yuan, not bad!

But he was happy not that he had money to collect, but the thought of the driver was deducted from the money angry look!

The neighbors feel that they have taken advantage, but for the driver, or for the platform, they actually did not lose, or even they got what they wanted, the neighbors feel that the driver is furious, and maybe people are snickering.

As if an antique price of 100,000, no one buys, but put a similar age and material or even worse next to the price of 120,000, but some people will feel to take advantage of it.

The initial intention of the neighbors just want to sit well a normal hitchhiker, according to the provisions of the driver only take 3 passengers, but Naive now hitchhiker has been specialized, that is, someone specializing in running hitchhikers, several platforms to pick up passengers, in order to benefit, certainly how much can be loaded maximum number of guests, and even the best all the way to full passenger status.

Neighbors did not wait for the normal hitchhiker and did not arrive on time, but instead were moved to use the price of carpooling to meet the expectations of drivers and platforms full of people, and in the end were happy to feel that they had taken advantage of.

As for the solution, a market from the rise to the heyday to maturity and then to decline, have their own laws, and some day a major risk or crisis event, and after the people's public opinion pressure, prompting the regulators to pay attention, then there will be more perfect laws to restrain this kind of behavior.

A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining

At present, we can do is to be sure to pay attention to travel safety, women try not to ride alone, if you have to do, when you get in the car with friends and relatives while video, and publicly inform friends and relatives of the vehicle information, reminded that the arrival will give them information or phone, in addition to choose some good reviews of the driver, do not forget to wear a good seat belt!

As for complaints about such violations, complaints can of course be complained about, as long as the platform has more operating drivers and vehicles, that complaint is still useful, but once the complaints caused by the suspension of more and more vehicles and drivers, the platform naturally can not continue to operate, that complaint is still useful?

A trap that you think you're taking advantage of, but you're actually losing more than you're gaining