A Traveller's Guide to Gambling in Russia

A Traveller's Guide to Gambling in Russia

For gambling enthusiasts travelling in Russia, the first thing to know is that it is illegal to indulge in any kind of betting there. However, this rule primarily holds for the locals, and not so much for tourists. Moreover, one loophole in this scenario is that people can gamble through esports where the winnings are not cash, but accessories in the games itself.

Any avid gambler knows that time away from investing in a money-making opportunity is as good as losing money. So, while they might not play 24×7, there is always a possibility that something interesting might turn up, which they can miss out on when touring in a place like Russia. To overcome this problem, a little preparation can go a long way.

Get a VPN

First and foremost, the best tool for any regular online casino player to have is a VPN installed on their phone and laptop. A VPN allows you to access your favourite websites from wherever you are, irrespective of whether that online casino is banned in a country or not. Other benefits of a VPN include higher security and anonymity. While Russians themselves love to play online games through off-shore websites, you never know when the government will stop any particular casino, and thus a VPN is crucial.

A Traveller's Guide to Gambling in Russia

Install a Casino App

An excellent option to look for when deciding on an online casino is if it has a mobile app. Most leading casinos now have apps that feature a significant part of their catalogue and even allow live games, in addition to the usual classics like slots and poker. Having the app means you can continue to play while on the move and are not restricted to your hotel room. As a result, you can earn money when taking a long train journey from one place to another in Russia or while waiting at the airport to catch your flight.

Be Aware of All Options

It is vital that as a player, you are aware of all your options, especially when you are travelling. Most gamblers are aware of Gamstop as a way to restrict themselves from playing when things seem to get out of hand. However, the issue with Gamstop is that a player can find it rather challenging to indulge in any gaming even when they wish to do so for recreational use. So, before you leave for Russia, it’s good to be aware of non Gamstop online casinos to counter such a situation. These casinos are legal, well-established, and also offer amazing benefits in terms of deposit bonuses and free spins, making them the ideal choice as a gambling partner during your travels.

Be Smart About It

Now, when you travel to a foreign country where gambling is illegal or restricted, it is best to keep your playing actions on the down-low. Although these laws are meant for the local population, one never knows how the authorities will respond to tourists caught playing. So, if you are gambling, avoid boasting about your winnings, and enjoy your games in a cloud of secrecy, to avoid unnecessary complications.