Adrenaline Junkie Uses A Wild Cheetah As A Pillow To Prove A Point, Ends As You Would Expect

From jumping through hoops of fire to swallowing swords, we’ve seen people attempt the dangerous and incredible just because they can. These adrenalin junkies live on the thrill and excitement of putting their lives in harm’s way. You will be surprised that most of them don’t do what they do to gain popularity or anything like that they would most likely still do what they do even with no one is watching.

It may be quite normal for some adventure loving guy out there to do anything just to make his heart beat faster, but it’s something rarely seen in a scientist. Scientific theories are products of logically conducted experiments and all experiments are conducted with safety in mind but Dolph Volker is no regular scientists. Zoologist and author of the book “Dire encounters” he is a man well acquainted with danger. He specializes in animal behavior and and he conducted a strange experiment with a cheetah.

Dolph is an American but spends most of his time in Bloemfontein South Africa volunteering at the cheetah experience breeding center where he worked in close proximity with a male Cheetah named Gabriel.

Cheetah are most reputed for their speed. They are the fastest animal on Earth. They are also graceful and very majestic animals. Probably because of these endearing qualities, little is usually said about their ferocity compared to other big cats. But don’t let that fool you, no matter how adorable a cheetah looks it is still a giant meat eater monster like every other big cat.

And we believe no one should know this better than an animal enthusiast like Dolph Volker thus thinking of an experiment that involved cuddling with a cheetah all night was a completely unusual thing for Dolph to even think of.

Ever heard the saying “playing with the Tiger’s tail?”

Dolph wasn’t a man to shy away from a challenge, months of working with Gabriel and taking care of him had endeared him to the cheetah. The cat had bonded so much with Dolph that he had even hand fed him at some point. But that is nothing compared to spending an entire night with a flesh eating predator. Dolph was however confident that his friendship with Gabriel is enough to get him through the night.

In an interview, he stated “it takes a long time to reach an imprinting and bonding relationship with a wild animal, a wild predator. It started when Gabriel was a cub and I got to know him at eight months” But was friendship enough to overcome the natural savage nature of the cheetah, we can only tell after Dolph’s experiment captured in the video below. You will be surprised to find out that things did not really turn out according to what you would expect.

Dolph got into Gabriel’s bed when he turned in for the night, the cheetah didn’t show any signs of feeling threatened or that he was a threat to the human. The cheetah simply settled in playing with his favorite human and within minutes was asleep beside Dolph, but would things stay the same, will the natural instinct of the cheetah to feed during the night as his kind normally do, overcome his love for Dolph.

Watch the video below to find out how the intriguing romance between a ferocious cat his human friend turned out in this dearing experiment.