After Trump Claimed He Brought Coal Back, 2 Of The Biggest US Mines Shutdown

After Trump Claimed He Brought Coal Back, 2 Of The Biggest US Mines Shutdown

Trump claims that he has brought coal back, but reality bit the president again as two of the biggest mines in the US have shutdown.

The AP reported:

Mine owner Blackjewel LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 1. Worden at first figured the accounts would get settled quickly and vendors of everything from copy paper to parts for house-sized dump trucks would soon be back to doing normal business with the mines.

What happened instead has shaken the top coal-producing region in the United States like a charge of mining explosive. Blackjewel furloughed most of its Wyoming employees and shut down Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr mines, the first idled by hardship since coal mining in the Powder River Basin exploded in the 1970s.

The “war on coal” was always a BS political talking point. There was never a Democratic war on coal. The real war was between coal and natural gas, and the natural gas companies won.

The White House admitted years ago that they had no intention of bringing back coal jobs. Yet, every single time that Trump speaks in a state that coal is mined in, he makes the false claim that he has brought coal back and mines are opening up.

Even as Trump has ditched environmental regulations for coal plants, the mines continue to close.

Trump lied to coal miners, just as he lied to steelworkers. The plants and mines are never coming back. The mines are still closing, as Donald Trump sees success in the face of crushing defeat.

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