All The Major Fast Food Chains And Markets Selling Beyond and Impossible Meat

All The Major Fast Food Chains And Markets Selling Beyond and Impossible Meat

Meat 2.0 is everywhere! Whether you’ve taken the plunge and actually tried it, or you’re sitting on the sidelines waiting until plant-based meat substitutes are literally your only food option, one thing is for certain: meat 2.0 is more popular than ever before. The two major plant-based meat companies, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, have been fighting over who will reign supreme in the lucrative American fast food market and, from the looks of it, Impossible currently holds a slight edge over Beyond.

Regardless, the trend is here to stay. Not just because the flavors hold up, but because eating less animal protein, is just one of the small ways you can lessen your own personal carbon footprint. To help you source these products, we’ve made a list of all the current food chains that will let you go meatless. Get out there and eat some plants.

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All A&W locations across Canada now carry a Beyond Burger — what gives A&W? Do you think Americans don’t love root beer or something? Because we can guarantee that they do, and we also pretty crazy about plant-based meats as illustrated by this list. Bring the Beyond southward!

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American gastro pub chain, Bar Louie, serves the ultra-simple Impossible, which is topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and garlic aioli at just under 600 calories. It’s not the most imaginative burger on this list, but hey it’s something.