Amani Alshehhi is a Superstar Reader!

Amani Alshehhi is a Superstar Reader!

Growing up, one of the central skills that people have to learn involves reading. Specifically, kids are taught how to read. Because reading is often seen as an essential part of education, many kids don't take it upon themselves to read for fun. After all, they seem to get enough of this at school. That is what sets Amani Alshehhi from other people. She fell in love with reading at a young age. Today, she has even made a career out of reading while most other kids were falling in love with things like video games. What is the power of reading that Amani Alshehhi uncovered? How does she share this with the rest of the world?

Amani Alshehhi learned from a young age that she loved to read. As a child, she would travel around the world with her father. They went to countries all over the world and while many people like to travel as a way to see another country, Amani Alshehhi would bring back a unique souvenir with her from every country she visited. She would always go to the local bookstore and try to find something that was representative of that place. Then, she would add it to her father's collection. Eventually, she had collected enough books with her father that she was actually able to open a public library using the collection.

Today, Amani Alshehhi has made a career out of reading. Without a doubt, she has become a superstar reader because that is what she loves to do more than anything in the world. While the world has changed and people have fallen in love with the world of electronics, Amani Alshehhi knows that reading still has its place in the world. That is why she has become a professional book reviewer. She still reads constantly and likes to share this love of reading with the rest of the world. In a way, reading is power. It provides people with a tremendous amount of knowledge that they can share with others. That is exactly what Amani Alshehhi is doing with her book reviews.

Even though the world has changed, reading still has its place. Amani Alshehhi is trying to make sure that everyone knows this. Her favorite type of book involves fantasy novels and her favorite series is Harry Potter; however, she knows that all books have their place. That is why she reviews a healthy mix of books from all backgrounds. Therefore, those who are looking to learn more about reading and finding their way when it comes to books should learn from the master. Amani Alshehhi has become one of the most prolific readers in the world and she even has her own radio show. It will be exciting to see what book she decides to review for her fans next.