Apple introduces new product for only $26

The high price of Apple accessories has always been one of the topics hotly discussed by netizens.

For example, the previous $145 screen wipe, the official claim that this polishing cloth is soft and can safely and effectively clean each display.

Apple introduces new product for only $26

At the beginning of the sale, this product was met with a lot of complaints from users, but it still sold out in the end.

There's also a $60 iPhone card removal pin.

Yes, it's the one below.

Apple introduces new product for only $26

The $60 "sky-high" price of this card-taking pin has left netizens stunned.

But the discerning eye knows that this is a PS spoof of a picture, Apple does not officially sell a separate iPhone card removal pin.

Even if Apple is capricious, it is not so "heartless" to this extent.

But who would have thought that recently, Apple has really put a price on a small iPhone pin.

Apple introduces new product for only $26

Recently, Apple has launched an official "self-service repair service", mainly for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3 series users.

Apple introduces new product for only $26

Apple's self-service store shows the iPhone SIM pin accessory, which officially retails for $4 (about $26.52).

Apple introduces new product for only $26

Although there is no netizen spoof of 60 yuan, but 26 yuan a price, but also let the netizens explode.

The phrase "Apple SIM card pin sells for $26" quickly made it to the top of Weibo's hot search, once ranking seventh on the list.

Apple introduces new product for only $26

A small card retrieval pin, is it worth so much money?

Fruit students curious to look at other platforms, do not look, a look at a shock.

Other platforms are surprisingly low, 31 card pins only 2.8 yuan, the focus is also free shipping.

Apple introduces new product for only $26

Although the $26 card removal pin is expensive, from Apple's point of view, this SIM card pin may break the record of Apple's screen wipe and become the official "cheapest" single accessory.

Apple also has iPhone SIM card holders on shelves for $7.20 each (about $47.74).

Apple introduces new product for only $26

It is reported that the self-service repair service launched by Apple is currently open only in the United States, and will be extended to more regions at a later date.

According to the procedure provided by Apple, users first need to read the repair manual of the relevant product, and then purchase and rent the necessary parts and tools in order to carry out independent repairs.

For the $26 iPhone pin, some netizens quipped, "He could have just grabbed your money, but he still gave you a pin" and "Does it have the Apple logo? No, I don't recognize the price".

Apple introduces new product for only $26

There is one to say that the screen wipe sells for $ 145, at least it still has Apple's logo printed on it, but this card removal pin is really mediocre.

Because there is neither redesign nor other features, and ordinary card taking pin is no different, is it really worth the price?

Although the netizens are spitting incessantly, if the card retrieval pin is put on the Apple Store, fruit students are expected to buy it.

Apple introduces new product for only $26

This is the situation from the front of Apple's screen wipes, you can see a rough.

It is well known that Apple makes far more profit on product accessories than on the iPhone, iPad and other products themselves.

For now, the SIM pin will also come with the iPhone package.

I wonder if, in the future, Apple will stop giving away card pins in the name of environmental protection and sell them separately on the Apple Store?

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