Apple iPhone 14 will soon enter mass production, related suppliers list revealed

Apple iPhone 14 will soon enter mass production, related suppliers list revealed

In this case, for Apple's core suppliers, it will undoubtedly help the growth of performance, especially in previous years, when Apple released the new machine in the second half of the year, the A-share Apple core concept stocks will usher in a wave of revelry. Recently, according to market news, Apple's new iPhone 14 will enter the mass production stage in the second half of this year, so will the A-share Apple core concept stocks usher in a frenzy again?

July 10, according to China's Taiwan Economic Daily, two months before Apple's fall launch, Hon Hai's Foxconn Zhengzhou factory has begun to enter the production cycle of the new generation of Apple cell phones, including the rear shell, some institutional parts are entering a slow production capacity upgrade phase, is expected to usher in the whole machine mass production assembly in August.

A Foxconn source pointed out that from the stocking, personnel, production plans in all aspects did not see a big difference from previous years, and have not heard signs of production decline. "If sales are bad, we may not see it until December."

IT Home has learned that the market is generally expecting Apple to release four new iPhone 14 series in September, including the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, as well as the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The Taiwan media pointed out that Honghai Foxconn includes most of the assembly orders, and PEGATRON, Lixin is also a foundry; Dali Light, Jade Crystal Light and other indicators of the supply chain will also move.

Focusing on cell phone lens technology, Sun Optics said that communication with "major North American customers" is progressing well, and the initial participation in new cell phone orders has begun.

Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory mainly undertakes the assembly of Apple cell phones and the production of some components. Zhengzhou Foxconn sources mentioned that the factory began production of institutional parts, including the back shell. There are four backshell templates, two large and two small, and the current daily output is only about 1,000, with a peak capacity of 200,000.

According to previous years, the Apple chain capacity will gradually climb and enter the production peak at the end of July, and start batch assembly of the whole machine in August and continue until the end of the year.

Undeniably, if the iPhone 14 series sales are really good at that time, then it will inevitably have a boosting effect on the performance of the core suppliers. So, what are its core suppliers?

According to media reports, the first is the foundry, Foxconn is undoubtedly the main foundry, however, this year added the domestic Lixun Precision, which this year officially provides foundry assembly for the iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14 will soon enter mass production, related suppliers list revealed

Next is the panel, OLED panel suppliers include Samsung Display, LGD Display and BOE, of which Samsung Display is the first major supplier, while LG Display supplies LTPS and LTPO type panels for Apple, BOE supplies LTPS panels.

In the camera, Foxconn is still the supplier of the rear camera, VCM motor also includes Lixin Precision, in fact, Lixin Precision through capital operation, has begun to provide more services for Apple, the follow-up in the Apple car, also do not exclude Lixin Precision will be able to enter the supply chain.

Case, allegedly using titanium alloy case + stainless steel frame, which has become the standard for Apple in recent years, which suppliers include Hon Hai, Jabil Green Dot, Lance Technology, etc.

In fact, Apple still has many suppliers in China, and some data show that among Apple's top 200 major suppliers, suppliers in mainland China and Hong Kong, China account for more than 20 percent of the total.

In addition to the above companies for Apple iPhone14 suppliers, A shares still have many leading companies in the electronics industry for Apple suppliers, including: Wintel Technology, Goer, Zhaoyi Innovation, Pengding Holdings, Xin Wanda, Shennan Electric Road, Changdian Technology, Dongshan Precision, Lead Puzzle, Grand Nation Laser, Huaxu Electronics, Huagong Technology, Aopt, Jingfang Technology, Changxin Technology, Crystal Optoelectronics, Xinwei Communications Desai Battery, Hailu Star, Jingmei Electronics, Changying Precision, Huaxing Yuanchuang, Anjie Technology, Liyuan Precision, Tony Electronics, Fuyong Technology, Eaton Electronics, Jingye Technology, Dongmu Stock, Xinlun Technology, Hengmengda, Darui Electronics, Kosen Technology, Zhongshi Technology, Oat Technology, Jiamet, etc.