Apple Watch: To wear or not when you dress up? Does it make you 'look like a Spy Kid'?

Apple Watch: To wear or not when you dress up? Does it make you 'look like a Spy Kid'?

Many people buy Apple Watches for their fitness tracking capabilities. Others get them so they can monitor their health, or access notifications when they've stepped away from their smartphones.

But when is it actually appropriate to wear one?

Is Apple's smartwatch dressy enough to wear to job interview? Or is the device relegated for T-shirt and jeans-type days? Should you wear one to a snazzy after-work dinner, or should you just wear it to the gym?

Twitter user @Lias__ sparked off a divisive debate on the topic Saturday, telling her followers that they shouldn't wear an Apple Watch if they're dressed up.

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"Please take your Apple Watch off if you are wearing a dress or formal attire. You look like a spy kid," she tweeted. If you didn't know, "Spy Kids" is an action-adventure movie from the early 2000s that follows kid spies who pair prep-school attire with hi-tech wrist-worn wearables.

A few people agreed that smartwatches shouldn't be worn to everywhere.

"I know someone who wore their Nike fuel band to THEIR OWN WEDDING," tweeted @Omgitsmarieee. "I literally did an engagement photoshoot for someone and she wore her rose gold Apple Watch Sport and I was like .... ok!" said @Willstrohmeyer.

@Kait_Bass said, "I wore mine to a wedding reception and looked like a fool, but it saved me at the end of the night when I was drunk n couldn’t find my phone! I pinged it"

Others said they'll never take the smartwatch off out of fear that they'll expose the heavy tan lines around their wrist.

"I did not pay $200 to not wear it cause some chick on twitter told me not to," writes Twitter user @Lauryngdyer. "Some of us can’t do that cause we have horrible watch tan lines," said @Jordyyyylowry.

However, many pushed back against the anti-Apple Watch attitude.

Some people on Twitter said they think the Apple Watch looks "cute" with formal clothes. "I switch my watch face to something classic and simple and put a white leather band on for nicer occasions like dates or weddings or what have you," said @Emily_Ryne.

Several women responded with photos of themselves wearing the Apple Watch while dressed for formal engagements.

Others said they refuse to take the watch off because they have to close their fitness rings or monitor their steps all day. Others said they like the periodic reminders to stand up or to breathe.

"Sorry, I have to keep track of my steps," writes @Bbyerika_.

Apple's website offers various bands so you can tailor the smartwatch to your outfit. And various watch faces allows users to select between analog and digital clock designs. The newest Series 5 comes with an Always-On feature so the smartwatch screen is visible at all times, sort of like a traditional watches.

The tech-style the watch exudes is part of the allure for many buyers. For some, looking like a Spy Kid is the absolute goal of buying one Apple's smartwatches.

"Isn't that the point?" said @Five_Bagels. " "What if I want to be a spy kid? Ever thought about that?" said @CallMeWilsar.