Are NASA Lying To Us? Moon Is Only 4 Miles From Earth Claims Shock 'Evidence'

It is a scientific fact that the moon averages a distance of around 238,855 miles (384,400 km) from Earth, but conspiracists are disputing this figure.

A crackpot conspiracy video uploaded to YouTube by ThePottersClay 2 alleges to have crunched the numbers to reveal that the moon is actually four miles from Earth.

The video kicks off with a warning to the viewers to “prepare yourself”, as it unleashes its hogwash theories and ‘calculations’.

ThePottersClay 2 says in the video description: “The fact of the matter is NASA is lying. Many things have been proven fake especially lately.”

In the video, the creator attempts to prove the Moon is much closer to Earth than believed by comparing the size of the lunar crater Tycho to the size of Long Island, US.

The video says: “NASA tells us Tyco measures 86 km in diameter. Eighty-six km equals about 53.4 miles.

“So almost half the size of Long Island if you were to compare the two.

“We are told the distance from the Earth to the moon is 238,900 miles. The distance from New York to London is 3,456 miles.

“Let’s assume for a moment the Earth was flat and we’re using the best telescope money can buy. Do you think we could see Long Island from London?”

NASA moon hoax: A bizarre conspiracy video claims the moon is 4 miles from Earth


The conspiracy video goes on to underline that there is a big difference in how far the naked eye can see when compared to telescope zoom lenses.

With that in mind, the video asks why the idea of seeing Long Island from London with a telescope is a ridiculous idea.

The video says: “Yet NASA is telling you you’re able to see something half that size from 238,900 miles away – over 69 times farther than the distance from London to New York.

“And that’s with the unaided eyes.”

ThePottersClay then claims to “do the math” by scaling down the distance from the moon by 60,000 percent without any explanation as to why he chose that specific number.

He says: “If you bring down Tycho’s 54 miles by 60,000 percent you’ll get about 4.75 feet.

“Then do the same math with the distance to the moon and you get right at 4 miles.”

The bunkum video comes after popular YouTube conspiracist Ritchie from Boston, similarly alleged that the moon is only 4.7 miles from Earth.

The popular video maker brazenly claimed NASA have been lying to everyone about the moon, chemtrails and many other things.


He said: “That’s crazy. They’re lying to us. Do not believe NASA because they are lying about our entire origin.”

But despite what these self-proclaimed ‘truthers’ might claim, there is ample scientific proof to rubbish their conspiracy theories.

NASA have been able to very accurately track the distance from Earth to the moon, thanks to the use of powerful lasers and Lunar Laser Ranging RetroReflectors left on the moon by the Apollo 15 mission.

The US space agency explained: “The distance to these retroreflectors from the Earth can be and is still routinely measured to the centimetre level or better, and their relative positions are known to a similar level.

“Such measurements can be used for several purposes, such as precisely determining the orientation and orbit of the Moon, testing gravitation and general relativity theories, and for establishing a highly precise latitude and longitude coordinate frame for the moon."