At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

Nuwa made man out of clay; Jehovah made Adam out of clay; Sumerians created man out of clay to manage their animals ......

In this world, there are many, many more such stories about the ancient times when God created human beings from clay.

It is well known that the main components of clay are silicon and oxygen. Junior high school physics tells us that if a human is made out of clay, the silicon content in the human body should be quite high. However, Lao Yan saw himself from head to toe, and except for the two pieces that were not cleaned when he took a bath just now, the rest of the body was mainly carbohydrates, not silicon-oxygen compounds.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

This is certainly not the old Yan long wrong. From the biology we learned in junior high school, we know that all humans, even including aliens like Ronaldo, are carbon based organisms, and the main constituents are carbohydrates.

And human ancestors have been carbohydrates for generations. No matter what earth-shattering events have happened in the world, how many physical or chemical changes have occurred in the human body, the basic elements will not change, and the basic elements that make up the human race are inherited. It is absolutely impossible for a silicon-based creature to inherit half a day and become a carbon-based creature.

So we can infer that it is fictional that God made human beings from clay in the ancient times.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

Yet many peoples have such ancient myths. These peoples are not concentrated around the old Yan family, but are scattered all over the world. Almost wherever there is human habitation, there is such a legend. Could it be that ancient mankind organized an Afro-Asiatic Congress in Tehran and negotiated to make up a story with a common story core to deceive people in all generations?

The stories of the gods making humans out of clay all happened 6,000, 7,000, 8,000 or 9,000 years ago. According to our general view, human society at that time had just broken free from the shackles of the paleolithic, and was busy running up and down every day to live in the new period, so how could they have time to hold a worldwide conference?

And of course they did not have the transportation and communication conditions to organize such a meeting.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

But to say that the story of the creation of man from clay is fictional is also too unbelievable, why almost the whole world thinks so?

The answer is in the Shanhaijing.

Lao Yan has always preached that the Shanhaijing is a book that can solve all the problems of ancient civilizations. Now it has solved one more for us.

There is an episode in the Shanhaijing: the Yellow Emperor cultivated jade with danmu on Subtle Mountain, and these jades were food for the gods.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

The Shanhaijing has a large number of episodes of sacrifices to mountain gods. As Lao Yan has proved in other articles, the so-called sacrifices in ancient times were really food for the gods of the time. But in later times until today, it evolved into formalism, a form of sending human mourning and reverence. The types of food offered at the time of the rituals may vary depending on the mountain gods. But one of them is essential, and that is jade.

Taken together, jade was one of the main foods of the gods recorded in the Shanhaijing.

And the main component of jade, is silica. The main component of clay is also silica.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

Of course there is another issue involved here: what is the main material that makes up the body of a living creature, and then what is the main food of this creature. Lao Yan did not find information on this, but this should be a common sense, geometry called axiomatic. For example, the main component of Lao Yan is carbohydrates, so the main food of Lao Yan is also carbohydrates, even if you eat cucumber in the morning, eat stewed lamb at noon, eight porridge, fried greens with vegetables, japonica rice, braised beef thigh, overcooked octopus, vinegared panda meat, and crab at night, the type of food may be different, but the basic composition is the same.

If this projection of Lao Yan is correct, then applied to the ancient gods, it can be concluded that the ancient gods were silicon-based creatures, and the main substance that composed their bodies was silica.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

Then slide along to come to another conclusion: the ancient gods used clay to create people, in fact, to create not a pile of bloated carbohydrates like old Yan, but the gods.

So what is the status of those makers who are also called gods?

The answer to this can be found in the Sumerian clay tablets and the Shan Hai Jing.

The Sumerians say that a group of aliens from an extraterrestrial planet came to Earth and that it was they who created "man" out of clay, which is in fact what we call God today.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

The "Shanhaijing" tells that some witches and tribal leaders are allowed to go to heaven. Among them were the ten witches of the Wushan Kingdom, who went up to heaven from the Spirit Mountain. The witches themselves are also a kind of creature, they somehow in the vast emptiness to go to what? There must be a place to go.

The Sumerians recorded these aliens as looking like human-headed snakes. The Chinese legendary Fuxi and Nuwa are human-headed and snake-bodied. So by equivalent substitution, Fuxi and Nuwa are two members of those aliens.

Since they can come to Earth, they can go back. And these witches written in the Shanhaijing, after they get out of the Earth, should be going to where these aliens are: the planet they live on, or the space station they have over the Earth. According to Lao Yan's proof, the place where these witches went was the space station. But the proof process is rather long and complicated, here will not say more, we have no reason to believe directly on the line.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

Aliens came to Earth, aliens made God, so where were we humans in the ancient society?

It is under the jurisdiction of the gods.

The Mountain and Sea Sutra divides the mountains in its writing into five collections, each of which is divided into several mountain systems. Each mountain system has some mountain gods living in it. This has already been mentioned earlier in this article. These mountain gods form an east-west or north-south intersecting grid, dividing the ground into several blocks. The mountain gods live on the mountains in order to manage the human population in a particular area.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

As mentioned earlier in this article, the purpose of those aliens building people out of clay is to help them manage animals. And in the Shanhaijing, they manage humans.

Thus equivalence substitution, in the eyes of the ancient aliens, humans and animals were equivalent, or humans were treated as animals.

Think about it so angry! Old Yan can't wait to travel back to the ancient times, the aliens and the gods in pieces.

At one time, humans were actually treated like animals

But even if you break them, their bodies won't decay. The Shanhaijing records many such corpses, the corpse of Zu Shou, the corpse of Xie Bi, the corpse of Yechu, the corpse of Xia Keng ...... among them a god named Prince Night, broken into several pieces. These are all dead gods. But whether broken or intact, they are not decayed.

No decay is more normal than decay. Because they are silicon-based organisms, silicon is very strong chemical stability, not easy to chemical changes with other substances, so withstand the sun and rain.

Carbon, on the other hand, is much less chemically stable, and can react chemically with any substance it likes. Lao Yan sometimes thought, if people are silicon-based organisms, then the crematorium staff should be off work. Because no matter how big your fire, maybe able to burn into pottery, porcelain, but just can not turn into ash.