The 5 best sedans for self-drive Low gas mileage, strong power and a comfortable ride with lots of space

Last time we talked about SUVs because of good passability suitable for driving in places where the road is not good, in fact, relatively speaking, because the bottom of the car is lower, low center of gravity, in cornering and acceleration than SUVs have better body stability, not prone to rollover, so the car handling performance is better than SUVs, and relatively speaking, cars are more fuel-efficient than SUVs, more suitable for long-distance travel, today I analyze from the perspective of the car, inventory of a few suitable for self-drive out of the bridge car.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

3 times into Tibet, the first time to take the Yunnan-Tibet line, the next two are to take the 318 Sichuan-Tibet line, the National Day period just completed the third pure electric car self-drive tour of Tibet with friends, a lot of feelings, here I choose from the model, self-drive tour route, attractions, the whole food and housing costs, attention to several aspects to share my experience in detail.