Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

TV is a durable product, buy a TV to use a decade or eight years. When you really need to change the TV, only to find that you do not know how to buy a TV. Today I will share my experience of more than ten years of observation in the display industry.

1. size, buy big not buy small!

The standard recommendation of the Visual Association, 2.5 meters 75 inches, 2.9 meters 85 inches, 3.3 meters 98 inches.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

2. Backlight type to choose the right

A.Side-entry type ﹤direct down type ﹤partitioned type---General partition ﹤Mini LED partition

Ordinary zonal backlight is ordinary large size LED

MiniLED zonal backlight is a micron-sized MiniLED

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

B. Backlit partitions are only worth the money

Ten level partition < hundred level partition < thousand level partition < two thousand level partition

The number of hardware partitions representing the backlight, which is where the business actually spends money, the larger this value the better.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

C. Software partitions are not worth the money

Soft and hard partitions should be distinguished, do not be fooled

Chip capacity-related, on behalf of the chip on the signal screen partition processing capacity, generally more than 2000, belongs to the picture quality software aspects, this value is not too meaningful. (PS: 2 and 3 must be distinguished clearly, many bad businessmen are currently playing backlight partition and software partition rubbers, deliberately confuse the concept)

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

D.Light control ability of lamp beads, 10bit﹤12bit﹤16bit, represents the ability of lamp beads to control light and dark gray scale, the larger the value, the better.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

3. The greater the peak brightness, the better, hundred level < thousand level < two thousand level

Represents the ability of the backlight to display HDR dynamic range, the larger this value is, the better.

Ordinary TV peak brightness of about 500nit

Mid- to high-end TV peak brightness of about 1000nit

Flagship TV peak brightness around 2000nit

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

4. The larger the color gamut range, the better

Regardless of the standard, BT.709, BT.2020 or DCI-P3 or NTSC, the larger this value is under the same standard, the better. Take the NTSC color gamut standard as an example

General TV color gamut 72%

Medium TV color gamut around 90% (new red-pink high color gamut scheme)

Flagship TV color gamut around 110% (quantum dot solution)

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

5. Clarity 4K is good, buy real 4K not fake 4K

True 4K is a standard resolution of 3840 x 2160 with 8294400 pixels (about 8.3 million pixels) and only three colors: red, green, and blue, while false 4K, also called 4-color 4K, has four colors consisting of red, green, blue, and white, with only 6220800 effective pixels. When buying a TV, you can identify the screen by zooming in with your phone's camera function.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

2K﹤4K﹤8K, theoretically the bigger the better. 4K is basically the standard for TVs in the current domestic market. But in fact, 8K is not too meaningful for users. Firstly, 8K programs are too few, and secondly, the difference between 8K and 4K can only be seen within 50cm from the screen. So 8K technology is not designed to be used in civilian viewing scenarios, but in commercial high precision static display scenarios such as medicine, high precision mapping and other scenarios.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

6. Screen refresh rate of 120HZ is good

Software refresh rate < screen body refresh rate. Screen refresh rate, 60HZ <120HZ = 144HZ, 120HZ is most suitable for watching movies, 144HZ to meet part of the game scene. At present, the highest refresh rate of the screen is 144HZ, there are some businesses will be 120Hz screen through overclocking technology false propaganda 144HZ and 240HZ, but not the screen refresh rate, and will sacrifice the picture clarity, no meaning.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

7. Audio selection multi-channel high-power international brand audio

Brand: no brand < brand < famous brand.

Structure:built-in﹤external=split type.

Sound channels: the more the better and the more power the better.

Heavy bass: None < Yes, the more power the better.

8. Appearance, don't like it < like it, this item is for every eye. Bezel < bezel-less, plastic < metal, thick < thin, etc.

9. Brand selection of good sales of self-produced brands

Buy good sales not poor sales, buy self-produced not OEM, and buy those with their own LCD screen production capabilities. Internet brand TVs are OEM, it is best not to buy.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

10. At this stage OLED products are not worth buying

If not bad money, or do not mind two or three years to change, when I did not say. OLED technology is not mature, its easy to burn screen, low brightness, high cost, low yields and other technical defects limit the development of OLED large screen. Now the mainstream OLED or 55/65 inch, the price is high. Ultra-large size 77/83/88 OLED is the sky.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

11. Laser TV is not worth buying

Laser TV is a laser light source projector, but a change of name will change the price more than ten times more expensive than ordinary projection. The display effect is poor, lack of brightness and clarity.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

12. Game TV can buy

Generally play the concept of game TV, are higher configuration TV, but if you do not play the host game, the game configuration does not play a role, but does not affect the basic TV to use.

13. Other additions

A. Important interface, theoretically HDMI2.1>HDMI2.0, USB3.0>USB2.0, generally not connected to the game host, then HDMI2.0 is sufficient, USB interface is not actually used very often do not need to bother whether there is 3.0.

B. Soft and hard screens, buy a TV with a soft screen (VA screen), buy a monitor with a hard screen (IPS screen). Hard screen viewing angle, color is not distorted, fast response time, lower power consumption; soft screen screen color performance is good, richer picture details, higher contrast ratio. So TV or color appearance is more important to recommend soft screen.

C. The larger the memory the better, memory enough is good. The larger the memory means the TV has strong computing power and smoother human-computer interaction. Storage I think for the TV is not very meaningful, after all, the TV is not like the phone to store a lot of photos and videos.

Be sure to bookmark it and use it when you buy a TV

D. Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi6, is basically the current standard.

E.MEMC, must have, can solve the phenomenon of motion picture dragging and lagging, an important function for watching the event.

F. picture quality tuning, in fact, is also very important, most of the above are hardware selection criteria, good hardware also need to have good software processing technology. But here the major manufacturers of the packaging concept is also the most, the average consumer certainly do not understand. No need to tangle, choose the old big factory is generally right, after all, the strength of R & D, technical precipitation and investment in there. Internet brands do not expect to have any of their own picture quality tuning technology, after all, they do not produce TV, just TV porters.

If there are elderly people and children at home, leisure time is recommended to play less cell phone tablet, look at the TV, more eye protection and more cervical spine protection.

Finally, I would like to add that value for money is not the same as cheap, value for money is the equivalence of price and performance. If you have no requirements for the performance of the TV, just choose the low price. If you have requirements for the performance of the TV, please refer to the above, and choose a cost-effective product with equal performance and price. The above is a summary of my experience in the display industry for more than ten years, I hope that when you need to buy a TV can help you. If there is something wrong, please also ask experts to correct and add.