Beauty Is In The Eyes Of Beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Let's check out the following interesting but "beautiful" stuff.

10. The Scarification of Face

The Scarification of Face

The inhabitants of New Guinea go under the knife to get these scars on their face! For women, they are considered as a sign of beauty, and for men, they represent their masculinity!

9. Excess Weight

Excess Weight

In Mauritania, weight is the parameter to judge the beauty of the women. Many parents would force their daughters to eat more so that they do not get troubled while finding a suitable match for them!

8. The Pale Skin

The Pale Skin

In many parts of Asia including China, pale skin is the barometer for measuring the beauty of women.

7. The Long Neck

The Long Neck

Burma, also known as a country of "giraffe women" is known for women who elongate their neck using metal rings. This is considered as fashion in that country!

6. Stretched Lips

Stretched Lips

The Mursi Tribe of Ethiopia embeds a disc on their lower lip to give it a stretched look! It is considered the parameter to judge the status of girls. The larger the disc, the higher is the status!

5. Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are the recent rage in Japan! Women with such teeth are considered more beautiful unlike Western countries where straight teeth is more preferable!

4. Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-Shaped Face

In South Korea, plastic surgery is one of the most common surgeries that people tend to undertake! Here, possessing a heart-shaped face is considered to be the key for beauty.

3. Surgical Dressing

Surgical Dressing

Iran is the considered to be the capital of Rhinoplasty! Yes, you would surely find people with surgical dressings on their face to make it look like they have undertaken a nose job!

2. The High Forehead

The High Forehead

The Fula tribe of Africa is known for the high forehead. This is the reason many African women remove the hairs from their upper forehead

1. Monobrows