Beijing Travelogue

Beijing Travelogue

Guan Xiao Xiao

Edited on 2013-6-17 20:52

Although it is said that a flower is a world, a leaf is a Buddha, but as a layman, I really have no way to sit at home to meditate, in Shenzhen for a long time, so leave here for me, it is like a criminal release wind, this time I went to the people of the country are familiar and some strange Beijing.

This is the political center of the country from ancient times to the present, so the first stop I went to the famous Forbidden City, after showing my ID card, was briefly searched by the police, crossed Tiananmen Square, the traffic rolling in front of me is the elementary school text "ten miles of long streets to send the Prime Minister" Chang'an Avenue, although it is already half a century, but the departure of the great man is still like the sound of the footsteps of the empty valley, let the heart of confusion. Turn around and look up, as the third door of the royal family of the Tianan Station that is in front of you, here and on TV, indeed, heavy eaves flying, yellow tiles and red walls, which is close to the Forbidden City, and the Jade Emperor's Purple Star in the sky, symbolizing the gift of imperial power, through the Gate of Tiananmen then go inside, a palace will enter the eyes in turn, to reach the Wu Gate, only to know that this is not a place of law prisoners, just take the noon danyang The country's fortunes will continue to flourish, and connect and divide these palaces, is only the emperor a person walking the imperial road, this imperial road is also the meridian of the earth, it is the earth precisely divided into two halves. Walking on this road, not to mention the spirited men, is a slim and soft women are difficult not to give birth to the desire for power. The ancient palace in front of you is already very dilapidated, even the gold leaf affixed to the outside of the palace because of oxidation, looks a little dull, all the palace is surrounded by ropes, inside the dark, can not see clearly, and most of the inside a little furniture is gone, standing here only feel bleak and gloomy, no longer feel slaughter terrible. Through several halls, along three layers of white jade stone steps slowly up to the peak of ancient power, the folklore of the Golden Luan Temple - Taihe Temple, the temple in front of the door stood two lions, I can not say allusion, but the two lions of the regal momentum in the days after leaving there, still fresh in my mind, when I wanted to take a picture, but the guide I wanted to take a picture, but the guide said I was a commoner, I was afraid I could not shock the emperor's guardian holy relics, so I dismissed the idea, but after I left there, I always regretted it, although there are countless treasures in Beijing, but I really like only this pair of lions, this lion did not shock the eight Allied Forces in the year of the burning and plundering, how could it be with a mediocre woman like me, so my heart was calculating, while stepping on the year knocked through The gold bricks of the heads of princes and nobles to go forward, passing the Qianqing Palace, hastily skimmed the plaque above the throne of Kangxi, the above is a true Dragon Emperor's imperial pen "Wu Wei", reflecting the philosophy of Laozi obedience to the Tao of Heaven, the world of governance. But in my opinion, this should be the Three Kingdoms Liu Bei wrestling children, is the world's biggest joke, the Manchu people to a few percent of the population, from the hands of the Han Chinese to take over the Miles, by power politics, and at that time, the Manchu people consider themselves to be the world's most superior race, everywhere higher than the Han Chinese, for example, when the flag life to come, men will have wages, women will have a dowry, if the lawsuit, the flag people will If a lawsuit, the banner people can sit, the Han people are the plaintiff, but also can only stand, so how is it possible that the mountain is forever. More and more tired, finally arrived at the imperial family's back garden, that is, the television in the wine and water, singing around the ears of the imperial garden, here is also bigger than I imagined, the bullet shut so many concubines, in my opinion is already everywhere cold palace, where the guide explained the year the emperor recruited Xin concubines, there are men on the side of the bad laugh, I am also laughing, heart to help him celebrate, look at the mediocre generation, but also so greedy, if in ancient times, if the If in ancient times, the emperor of the world 100% not his turn, can not keep the head matter small, more terrible is the possibility of not being able to ancestors when the eunuch, immediately feel that he is really miserable it.

Exhaled a breath, leaving this inhabited by the emperor of the six dynasties of the son of heaven this city, fellow partners are almost as mundane as me, has been screaming about not seeing the baby. As a descendant of the Manchu people, I did not have any special feelings, the wheel of history rolls forward, the Forbidden City gates have been dusted off hundreds of years ago, but the sunrise of the new China has just risen, I hope that from now on we can no longer change dynasties, everyone can eat, sleep and live in peace! I spent four days in Beijing, watching the old Beijing stunts, such as sword swallowing, and felt sick after I came out. So I went to the Great Wall, because I took the cable car, I was a good man in minutes, from Badaling Water Pass and up, standing on top of the world's first majestic pass, watching the Great Wall of China winding horizontally and vertically, a mountain wind whistling, eyeing a thousand mountains stacked green, full of leaves soughing and moving, so that people feel the infinite vitality and power of the earth contains. I heard that the foot of the Great Wall is buried at the foot of many of the bones of the construction of the world's wonders, the mood is difficult to calm, where we can give birth to the sky in the hands of the pride, more will be sigh, love the land of flesh and blood underfoot! Although only a few attractions, but the imperial hegemony of Beijing has seen the momentous, the next day is to go to the Summer Palace, long heard of the Summer Palace by the eight allied forces and warlords robbed a hollow, plus the passage is said to be two birds flying together as the Cixi waterway in Jiangnan, all the way to the gray sudden scenery, because the heart did not report too much hope, but to the garden water suddenly opened up, the lake, mountains, pavilions and pavilions into the eyes, the mood turned into a joyful. Although there are many visitors everywhere, they don't let people get bored, and I really feel happy and happy when my companions step on the model steps from the 17-hole bridge. It is easy to understand why they always want to unify the kingdom and live forever. When I arrived at Cixi's residence, I saw a brass statue of a dragon and a phoenix in front of Guangxu's palace, where the phoenix is honored and placed on the left, and the dragon is inferior and placed on the right. The phoenix is head high listening to the chest, the dragon low brow, empty dragon claws stretched out towards the front, no beads inside, this unlucky emperor to death did not get the right he thought. I can not imagine the emperor's family in the end between the husband and wife will not have feelings, a family how much affection, only know that in ancient times many women from the emperor's husband saw wealth, power, but only a few women from the pillow to see the entire mountain, and perhaps the world. As common people, although we will also cling to the perfect love, and even hope that those made in heaven a pair, a pair of talented people, even if they have passed away, can no longer have to separate alone light teary-eyed! But we are more face to face with reality, hoping for a down-to-earth, grounded lifetime. After leaving a courtyard set of courtyards, along the ten-mile gallery slowly out of the Summer Palace, the heart finally felt that the trip was not in vain.

I remember when I first arrived in Beijing, I felt very impatient when I heard all the Beijingers speak with a W tone, and I slowly got used to it when I planned to leave. I didn't look back when I left Beijing, and I didn't believe that I could take away any of the Qi of the Son of Heaven, but I left a deep blessing to this ancient land, and no matter how many years have passed, as a Chinese, I won't forget the stunning glimpse under this one. Although we have only been on this earth for a few decades, God and our ancestors have given us so much love that we are grateful and guilty at the same time. This so painful and happy to live!