Best Google Tips, Tricks that would Change the Way You Search

Google continuously come up with innovations and some handy products and services without which many of us are unable to use them daily. They've created so much footprint on the whole web that Google controls nearly all of the clicks we make online. Here's a look at Google's five tips and tricks you want us to try for better results.

Best Google Tips, Tricks that would Change the Way You Search

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Don't bias your search results.

The habit of tailoring search words to lead to a particular result is one common mistake that several people do, Business Insider says. That may lead Google to find results that may not represent the most accurate response to your question.

If you're using Google to find out the average length of an octopus, you wouldn't want to type in a query such as "average length of an octopus 21 inches." That kind of search might tell Google to pull up websites that list 21 inches as the average length of an octopus even if it's not.

Use the minus sign (-) to exclude certain words from your search results.

Use the minus symbol to better refine your search by excluding irrelevant words, Time Magazine reported. For example, if you are looking for more information about penguins (the animal) and want to filter out hockey team results, try searching for something like "penguin -Pittsburgh -hockey." Find which words you are not interested in (e.g., jaguar -car) and start looking.

Pay attention to the order of the words in your query.

Getting an ideal result from Google's search engine is not merely about finding the right terms for searching. Putting them in the correct order is important too. For example, a search for "sky blue" will yield results other than "blue sky," since one term refers to a specific shade of the color blue, and the other describes the color of the sky.

It could be said the same for the search words "dog chow" and "chow dog;" one refers to pet food, while the other refers to a dog breed. There'll always be exceptions to the rule, of course. Looking for something like "iPhone 11 cases" would definitely produce similar results as "iPhone 11 cases." But if you don't get the answers you 're searching for, then it's worth asking whether the terms are written in the right order.

Use the suggested links that appear under some search results to save time.

Click on the links that appear under the main search result if you are looking for a particular piece of information on a broad topic. Typically these links appear under the search results of Wikipedia. They can bring you directly to a section of the page that includes the information you are looking for.

Best Google Tips, Tricks that would Change the Way You Search

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In the above example, you will notice some links that bring you directly to the Fathers' Day section of the Wikipedia page that covers the holiday history. It's a little tip that can help you find what you're looking for a bit more quickly.

Do a barrel roll

This is the best chance to surprise your friends. All you need to do with a Barrel Roll trick is type "do a barrel roll" without the quotes on Google's search bar. Then you can see the google page rolling like a barrel. When the user tries this trick for the first time, he inevitably gets panic thinking there's something wrong with the computer. Send a link to your friend on this trick and see their reaction.