Best men's multivitamins 2020: male wellness in capsule form

Struggling to eat a healthy diet? These vitamin-packed tablets could be the solution for you.

While it’s happily unlikely you’ll ever be diagnosed with a dose of rickets, a lack of certain vitamins could prevent your body from performing as well as it should; whether that be keeping your blood healthy, your bones strong or your metabolic rate in sync.

There’s a certain amount of scepticism around taking even the best multivitamin supplements, with many people claiming they never notice an improvement in their body’s functioning. Others, however, will report a significant difference in the way they feel, and that’s why it’s more of a case of ‘only one way to find out’, rather than ‘here, take this. It’s guaranteed to work wonders.’

In most cases, those with good diets don't need supplements. However, they may still get a placebo effect from taking them which is, er, something. Those with bad diets would be better advised to just eat more healthily, but we appreciate that can be easier said than done.

The best multivitamins for men: what you need to know

We’re doubtful you’ll want to spend a fortune on something that may or may not make a difference. Specialist health food shops and pharmacies aren’t known to offer the cheapest prices around, so online marketplaces such as Amazon are often a better bet if you’re looking to test out multivitamins.

Our list of the best men’s multivitamins features a range of non-specific tablets. Leading the way is Rainbow Light Men’s One, which is a vitamin supplement containing only naturally derived vitamins extracted from foods. Their are also vitamin-enriched supplements that target specific areas of health and fitness, but their benefits are so questionable that we've left them out of this roundup.

Best men's multivitamins 2020: male wellness in capsule form

1. Rainbow Light Men’s One

Best multivitamin supplement for men, made naturally occurring substances only

Best for: Naturally occuring multivitamins | Quantity: 90 | Type: tablet | Usage: 1 a day

  • Vitamins are naturally occuring
  • Gluten, yeast, sugar, dairy and soy free
  • Reviewers report an unpleasant taste

With many users expressing that they feel more energised after taking their one a day, investing in this tablet could make a difference, especially if your diet is poor.

A great all-rounder, Rainbow Light claim that taking one of these will help to promote heart, prostate and sexual health, and boost energy and stamina levels. Well, perhaps. What's for sure is that it’s full of vitamins from naturally occurring food sources and is tailored specifically to men (there's also a Women's One), and highly rated by users.

Best men's multivitamins 2020: male wellness in capsule form

2. Centrum Silver Men 50+

Vitamin supplement specially formulated for older men

Best for: Over 50s | Quantity: 250 | Type: tablet | Usage: 1 a day

  • Targeted at older chaps
  • Cost-effective
  • Ingredients aren’t naturally occurring

These pills have had a good reception over the years, with many men claiming to notice a difference in their energy levels and muscle strength since taking them.

Formulated especially for the older gent, Centrum's multivitamins are generally cheaper than the Rainbow Lights. Ingredients are chemically formulated, rather than naturally occurring, however.

Best men's multivitamins 2020: male wellness in capsule form

3. Nature Made Multi For Him

An alternative all-rounder with a friendlier price

Best for: | Quantity: 130 | Type: tablet | Usage: 1 a day

  • Contains both vitamins and iron
  • Great budget option
  • Should be taken with food to avoid nausea

With the recommended daily allowance of vitamins C, D and E in each capsule, you won’t need to worry that you’re falling short, with the vitamin D supporting bone, teeth and muscles and also possibly helping to maintain your immune system in winter when you're not getting any sunlight.

Some vitamin pills are so big that they’re hard to swallow, but these are reasonably sized. While not exactly a dessert, they do make for a more pleasant post main-course experience.

Best men's multivitamins 2020: male wellness in capsule form

4. Valupak Multivitamin Plus Iron 50 Tablets

Keeping your body healthy doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg

Best for: Those on a budget who need more iron | Quantity: 50 | Type: tablet | Usage: 2 a day

  • Contains iron too
  • Sugar, gluten and yeast free
  • Not for use if you’re just looking for an iron supplement

This pack of multivitamins goes to show that you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to give your body what it may need. While many contain the usual A, C, D and E, this wallet friendly alternative also contains iron, which contributes to the normal function of red blood cells and the formation of haemoglobin.

The consensus seems to be that these do a just as a good a job as more expensive alternatives – draw what conclusions you like from that – although taste isn’t all that great. Obviously, you're meant to swallow, not suck them.

Best men's multivitamins 2020: male wellness in capsule form

5. Nature Made Multi Adult Gummies

Chewable multivitamins!

Best for: Chewable | Quantity: 50 | Type: tablet | Usage: 2 a day

  • Orange, cherry and mixed berry flavour
  • Contains all key vitamins and nutrients
  • Melt easily in warm weather

If you’re someone who can’t stand the thought of swallowing tablets, good news: these are completely chewable. While we’re pretty sure the flavour of them will be no match to your favourite sweet, they’ll probably pass if you do require a vitamin supplement.

These contain the usual mix of vitamins, although Nature Made have had to miss out some due to their unpleasant flavour. So if you’re looking for the full complement, you'll need to look elsewhere.