Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

Honda is known as one of the most reliable, durable car brands around. You really can’t go wrong with any of their models – they have something for everyone. Since 1959, Honda has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, as well as the eighth-largest car manufacturer in 2015.

They were the first company to release a dedicated luxury brand, Acura, in 1986, but we’ll be focusing purely on Hondas here that can be found for cheap. Many of these cars might have high mileage, but they’re built like tanks and will stay afloat for years. For under $5,000, you can find some truly great cars if you do some shopping.

Looking for a sedan or coupe? Civic. Something a little bigger? Accord. An SUV? CR-V, Pilot, or Element. A minivan? Odyssey. A pickup truck? Ridgeline. A sports car? Prelude or CR-Z. The list goes on.

Here are 15 of the best used Honda cars you can get for under $5,000.

15. 2015 Honda Fit ($4,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via Top Speed

The Honda Fit is a small, subcompact four-door hatchback that is perfect for someone looking for an economical, fun vehicle. It seats five pleasantly and has more cargo space than you’d imagine, plus basic tech features.

You can find a late second-gen model (2007-2014) for around $4,000, or if you look hard enough, even an early third-gen 2015 model for the same! It should have less than 100,000 miles, too, which is a huge plus.

14. 2016 Honda Civic ($3,500)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

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The Honda Civic is one of the most top-rated cars in the world, year in and year out. In a ranking of all 10 generations, dating back to the early ‘70s, called the 10th generation the best (2016 to present). Luckily, you can get one for less than 4 grand!

They called the 2016 Civic, “the first Honda since the S2000 to have the ‘it,’ that sense of purpose beyond being a way to get around.”

13. 2013 Honda Accord ($4,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via The Car Connection

The bigger brother of the Civic, the Honda Accord has always gotten just as many accolades, and it also has 10 generations since the ‘70s. For 16 years in the U.S., the Accord was the best-selling Japanese car (1982-1997), topping its class in 1991 and 2001, which is a huge feat. Nearly 10 million vehicles were sold! You can find a reliable ninth-gen model (2013-2017) for around $4,000.

12. 2011 Honda CR-V ($4,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

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With SUVs being all the rage, the CR-V has earned its place (well-deserved, too) as a class-leading compact SUV. It’s “versatile, efficient, and practical,” according to

You can buy a late third-gen (2006-2011) or early fourth-gen (2011-2016) model for around $4,000 – both of which have excellent cargo space for a small SUV and an impressive number of standard features.

11. 2010 Honda Odyssey ($3,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

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For those bigger families who need an inexpensive but reliable ride, look no further than the Honda Odyssey. Sold since 1995 in the U.S., through four generations, you can find a third-gen model (2005-2010) for around $3,000.

It’s big with an impressive 3.5-liter V6 pumping out 255 hp, and it was U.S. News’ top-ranked minivan. The 2007-09 Odyssey was the best-selling minivan in the U.S., and it was on Car and Driver’s 5Best for three years in a row.

10. 2008 Honda Ridgeline ($5,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

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Just reaching under the mark for around $4,800 or so is the Honda Ridgeline, for those who might be looking for an adequate Japanese truck. Some people might not think it’s a “real” pickup, but the unibody AWD Ridgeline was pretty revolutionary for its time.

It has a dual-action tailgate, an in-bed trunk, a comfortable ride, and full independent suspension. It has a strong standard V6 engine to boot, giving you pretty much anything you could want.

9. 2015 Honda Pilot ($5,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via The Car Connection

The Honda Pilot is a good alternative for those thinking about getting an Odyssey but don’t want a minivan. The midsize SUV has three rows of seats, but looks sharper than the minivan, and its third row is even compatible with actual adults.

It uses a J35 V6 engine like the Odyssey, good for 255 hp, and has a smooth ride. It’s a bit boxy, but it’s a reliable, great choice that can be had for just under $5,000.

8. 2009 Honda Element ($5,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

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The Honda Element is a much-maligned SUV for its styling and rubber floor mats, but it’s a pretty great compact SUV if you can look past that. If you thought the Pilot was too boxy, though… steer clear of the Element!

It’s quirky, with removable back seats, a flexible rear cargo area, and water-resistant seats (thanks to the rubber). When equipped with AWD, it’s more utility-suited than luxury, and a last-year model can be yours for just under $5,000.

7. 2012 Honda CR-Z ($4,500)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via Japan Bullet

The Honda CR-Z is a small hybrid that is well-known for its terrific handling and smooth ride. If you want a fun ride that isn’t boring to look at, look no further. It’s not as spacious as some other small hybrids, but it has some sweet power from its 121-hp i-VTEC inline-4 engine. A 2012 model will get around 31 mpg city and 37 mpg highway, which might not seem like much today, but it was great for 2012.

6. 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid ($4,500)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via Hendrick Honda of Charleston

The Honda Civic Hybrid is its own beast, produced from 2001 to 2015 through three generations. You can get a late second-gen model (2006-2011) for around $4,500. The sedan uses a hybrid electric powertrain that gives it 40 mpg highway/45 mpg city. It comes with all the modern accouterments, plus a 110-hp powertrain from its i-VTEC engine and electric motor.

5. 2012 Honda Crosstour ($4,500)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

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The Honda Crosstour was a mid-size wagon that sold from 2010 to 2015. You can get a mid-range model for around $4,500. The car scored an almost perfect rating on its NHTSA safety rating in 2010, getting 5/5 in every category but 4/5 in Rollover FWD and Rollover AWD. It used a 3.5-liter V6 engine that was pretty powerful, and for a car that started at $30,000, this new price is a steal.

4. 2013 Honda Insight ($4,500)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via Green Car Reports

Built through three distinct generations, 2000-2006, 2010-2014, and 2019-present, the Honda Insight was the best-selling vehicle in Japan and the UK in April 2009. The second-gen model was a four-door, five-passenger liftback, while the third-gen became a four-door sedan. Its efficient range of 38 mpg combined gave it the edge over the Toyota Prius in Car and Driver’s eyes because of its “fun-to-drive” quality.

3. 2001 Honda Passport ($4,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via Carspecs

Getting to a few older cars here, the Honda Passport was an SUV built from 1993-2000, then from 2018 to now. A badge-engineered version of the Isuzu Rodeo, it was Honda’s first entry into the growing SUV market in the U.S. It used a 3.2-liter V6 engine good for 190 hp, and a shift-on-the-fly 4WD system. This is a good ride, though you might only be able to find them with huge miles on the odometer.

2. 1997 Honda Civic Del Sol ($4,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

via CarGurus

The Honda del Sol, or CR-X del Sol, was a targa-top car manufactured from 1992-1998. The successor to the CR-X, it was considered a very fun ride, like a Mazda Miata. It was one of the first mass produced cars in Japan with over 100 hp per liter, and it could reach 0-62 mph in 7 seconds. If you’re looking for a sporty, older ride, you can’t go wrong with a del Sol.

1. 2000 Honda Prelude ($3,000)

Best Used Honda Cars You Can Get For Under $5,000

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Built for many years, from 1978-2001 and through five generations, the Honda Prelude is a sharp looking older car that was derived from the Accord. The two-door coupe competed against the Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Nissan Silvia. It was succeeded by the Honda Integra DC5/Acura RSX. You can get a fifth-gen model for around $3,000, with a 200-hp engine, which is nothing to scoff at. It’s a tuner’s dream car.