Binger Drinkers, Listen Up! Do You Know Your Whisky Can Kill Coronavirus, According to Experts?

If you think that people were joking around that liquor can kill the coronavirus, you are wrong. Experts have studied that whiskey can eliminate the virus, don't drink it, of course.

Binger Drinkers, Listen Up! Do You Know Your Whisky Can Kill Coronavirus, According to Experts?

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How is it Even Effective?

Compared to the previous viruses that plagued us before like SARS and MERS, the COVID-19 is surprisingly more sensitive as it can be killed off by ethanol concentrations as low as just 30%. Scientists in Germany and Switzerland have proven this.

What NOT to do With Spirits

Liquor has a higher concentration than 30% indeed as scientists have proven that this would be effective already to eliminate the virus. However, experts do not recommend you drink it as a way to deter the spread of the coronavirus inside you.

As one of the lead scientists said in the study, Stephanie Pfaender has noted that it was conducted in a laboratory setting. Hence, "one cannot directly translate these findings towards personal use upon application of whiskey, rum, etc.".

In addition to this, she also said: "We would not recommend the behavior (of drinking), as we are talking about a minimal final alcohol concentration that has to come into contact with the virus for a defined time."

How Did They Come to This Conclusion?

Pfaender and her team used a viral strain from a patient from Munich, then infected animal cells with it. The cells were then placed into alcohol solutions with various degrees of strength. Those were about 85 percent ethanol with water(this was recommended by the World Health Organization for hand rubs when commercial good was not available). Next, they repeated the same technique with 10 and 20%; this left the virus still able to thrive and remain intact. When they reached 30%, however, this is where they saw the sudden change that it was just like the 85 percent that the WHO has recommended.

Sars and Mers needed about 35% alcohol to eliminate any of the strains effectively, but for COVID-19, it is surprisingly weaker than the two.

Another Alternative Besides Hoarding Alcohol?

As the pandemic is slowly spreading and the public is going all out on stocking up supplies, liquor can be another alternative altogether when appropriately applied. This ensures that there is enough for everyone as well as there wouldn't be any shortage in supply. Based on world statistics: each person has about 6.4 liters per person older than 16 years old. So the amount of liquor made per year vastly can compensate in the shortage of supplies when it comes to commercial disinfectants that are being hoarded by the public in fears of the pandemic.

Whiskey, as well as other strong spirits, can be an alternative for disinfecting since all you need to kill the coronavirus is 30%. Which is not a lot, so get ready to go back to the store or get it delivered to you. Just make sure not to finish it all by intaking the substance.