Bob Lazar Breaks Silence On Area 51 And UFOs In Documentary

Bob Lazar Breaks Silence On Area 51 And UFOs In Documentary

Bob Lazar was employed at S-4 which is located near Area 51 in Nevada. In a legendary interview in 1989, he told the world that he reverse-engineered UFOs and that aliens have been visiting us for years. Now, he is back to tell his story to a more receptive audience.

Bob Lazar is a maverick in the UFO community. Elusive and hard to reach, for years he maintained silence after his well televised interview with George Knapp at KLAS in 1989. During that exchange, he spilled the beans on reverse engineering an alien spacecraft at Groom Lake in Nevada.

He also dropped the bombshell that we are not alone and in fact have been visited many times by extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli. Now, he is coming forward again. This time to tell his story to filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell.

According to Openminds TV, Corbell’s documentary, Bob Lazar Area 51 and Flying Saucers will have its premiere at The Theater/Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on Dec. 3. Mickey Rourke will be narrating the film.

One of the claims that Lazar made is that the vehicles that he worked on had a fuel system that utilized element 115. We have now identified that to be Moscovium.

Apparently in order to get Moscovium to function as a propulsion system, it has to be “bombarded by protons and excited by livermorium to create a gravitational wave.”

Corbell feels that his documentary may have found evidence of “unusual aerial systems interfering with military weapon platforms and displaying beyond-next-generation capabilities.” Just recently Ireland experienced a UFO event that is being investigated by the IAA. There is something going on in our skies so what Corbell is saying may be possible.

One of the items that will probably be touched upon is Lazar’s credentials. His academic and education records could not be verified. He claims that the government had them purged.

Lazar is also credited with the government finally acknowledging Area 51’s existence in 2013. Maybe this time around, he will be believed.